A Week of Weirdness

There has been a tonne of weirdness occurring for me the whole week.

Last weekend I started researching binaural beat theory, looking to make some of my own and make some changes in myself. A google link brought me to this site on, I think, Monday morning.
Started reading some threads - and then more threads and ended up spending literally all day and all night, all week on here. Is it because you are all so awesome on here? :slightly_smiling_face:

I mean everything else I was going to do this week had to be put on hold regardless of some important stuff to deal with and work had to wait too - I’m pretty good at chilling lol.

I never thought I would get into witchcraft or real magick due to the huge hurdle of learning and general fear of whats unknown to me. That and being that I have always felt more comfortable with the law of attraction and psychic based practice, where everything is covert and undetectable to others as opposed to having paraphernalia associated with witchcraft likely to be discovered by someone. Also, a long held belief that all magic is in the mind and any ritual aspect can be performed by ‘normal’ activity but with deep thought intent.

Well, I think I have now been seduced by it all lol.
Or at least something is opening up. Something is changing - and I’ve not even done any actual magick work yet.

Synchronicities, good luck, stuff weirdly arranging so that I am organized and in time (normally I’m the worst at that), been super chilled and generally well received by others - and I seem to be more attractive to the ladies this week too. Yesterday (Friday), five very nice looking women each gave me multiple looks and I could just sense they were sexually interested in me. The girl taking my coffee order got flustered and tongue tied just serving me :grinning:

Adjusted reality:
Perhaps the strangest thing for me was that I thought (or rather, I had convinced myself) I had showed a big lack of respect to my responsibilities and allowed my motor insurance and MOT lapse - again - such was my compulsion to keep reading instead of doing ‘important stuff’.

When I finally got down to it, I found that the insurance company I was with had closed down and my policy had been taken on by another insurer and in the process the renewal date had somehow become extended and I have gained a whole month :+1:

Also, I had convinced myself that my MOT (UK vehicle road worthiness) test had become overdue.
As with my insurance, when I got round to checking it, found that I still have at least this weekend of grace, due actually on Tuesday next week. Thinking I would struggle to find somewhere to get it done, two phonecalls later it’s booked into a garage just in time. For me, to sort anything out is quite amazing.
This may seem like nothing to all of you out there but I happen to have a serious lack of organisational skills and dealing with the normal stuff usually causes me a great deal of upheaval to get anything normal done.

Is it possible that a spirit noticed me with this and helped me even though I did not call on them?

I had a strange mix of emotions throughout thinking I had messed up. That pit in my stomach kind of feeling grew bigger, like I was slowly falling down into it, with my mood gradually sinking lower yet I still felt this deep calm that everything would be ok. The legal consequences of this lacking are obvious, but I live a two hour walk from town so being without a vehicle is something I would want to avoid, yet I was thinking ‘so what’?

So I’ve been very vibed out this week, so much more than usual.
Throughout yesterday weird sybchronious things, like godlike names on road signs, some grafiti that looked like a sigil, a star shape on a building (which wasn’t a star, just the angle I was looking at it with) and every otherwise normal program on TV last night had occult references in them - one character said another was a ‘bind’, the word magic was used a couple of times. I know the mind likes to play these fun things sometimes and it’s just stuff we happen to notice because of what we immerse ourselves in.

As an observation on emotion over this event, which I hope does serve a purpose, I felt the full force of regret, the impending personal loss (I have suffered this particular consequence before and I am still paying for it now), I kicked myself at being such a loser for not complying. Yet I kept my focus on something that was giving me some advancement and enjoyment.

You see, in this case my fear was misplaced. To me the fear was very real that something was wrong.
In my reality I was set for a downfall either way. I was facing either to run the risk of driving illegally or having to do without my transport and walk for hours on end just to get food.
When I realised that all was good and that my fear was misplaced it allowed me to step back and study the effect of emotion for this isolated event. I considered this a real gift of insight to me.

When we are consumed with whatever emotion, when there is nothing that can convince us otherwise, the chemical makeup inside changes and as is often described, the feeling is what brings things forth. Hope does nothing. Hope is just a stone in a can rattling around - all it does is make a noise. Feeling creates. Feeling, emotion provides the propulsion to what comes next.

In my lucky example, I see it as a snapshot in time with no other effect provided than for my own observation. Rather like, this event is kind of sandboxed and won’t trigger self fulfilling prophecy stuff.

I guess the reason for me writing all this is that maybe I have had some things revealed to me.
I have become extremely absorbed in a subject that might make me turn a corner in my life, I have experienced deep felt emotion at a level that I know would make changes and the huge sense of relief and calm and happiness that followed once I knew it was all … ‘done’.

To me I think that last paragraph explains the premise for a lot of what is required to make magick or anything else work out right:
Be absorbed - nothing else exists.
Be consumed - create the deepest feeling and emotional connection possible.
Allow yourself to bask in the glory of gratitude and acceptance that it is done and all is well.

Or even…

Breathe in (consume) the thing you want.
Breathe out, release yourself in the gratitude for what you have received (because it is done).