A way to send a haunting to an enemy as a hex?

Which spirit would be best to use to send a sleep disturbing / chaotic Demon to torment an enemy who is a non believer in spirits?

Just interested if this has been done by anyone on here

Sleep depravation , noises, shadow people and the like?

Thank you


Summon parasite in their house

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King Zagan deals with illusions and can cause hallucinations, so can Amdusias, Haures and Volac.

Alternatively you could ask King Paralda to send some of his boys to your enemy, air elementals have an interesting sense of humor…Which means their often the most annoying little trickster bastards you’re likely to come across. :roll_eyes:

Any of them are a good choice for tormenting someone without the likelihood of causing death.


Yeah I want to be able to do this too. Thanks @charles9


Sounds perfect. No death or illness, just really annoying things happening that a non believer will go crazy about

Thank you. I have never heard of King Parada. I will definitely go and look him up :slight_smile:


Beqasmin - Djinn


How to you summon shadow people and send them to do this job? or is that impossible?

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I’ve personally never experienced what could be considered shadow people accept when i’m going hardcore into the more sinister side of demonic evocation so it’s not completely clear to me if their demons or separate entities.

Belial might be the guy to talk to about it as the ones i’ve seem always show up when i’m intensely working with him, they never bothered me so never thought to ask him about it, sorry.

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Necromancy might be what you are looking for. I’ve been able to open gateways to the worlds of the dead and attract them to a certain place. Sightings of dead people, poltergeist activity, and crazy behavior of the residents of this place followed. I made a necromancy powder and spread it all around the building around four times, starting on the new moon leading up to the full Moon.


Than you . I was just curious about the Shadow people things as they have always intrigued me.

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How does one go out doing this??? Can you tell me? Lol