A wall up between me and love

I’ve always felt there was something trying to hold me back from being with ANYONE. I used to believe I was cursed but I’ve asked many spirits if that was the case and they all say no also I don’t feel cursed. Any ideas what this could mean?

It’s you! You’re the only thing holding you back. Why do you feel undeserving? Iv’e read your previous posts and I too see nothing wrong with you. You’re an attractive person, you just seem very unsure of you. How old are you btw?

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Im not sure. I think highly of myself but maybe I do feel undeserving. I am 17

Honey, you have so much ahead of you LOL, give yourself time, have fun and live life to its fullest. plenty of time for a partner later.


You are very right, thank you.

so share a bit about you. what brought you to balg? I’m curious where your magickal interest lay. I know spirits are drawn to you but what are you drawn to?

I’ve been practicing magic for a few years but I found myself wanting to do more and learn more. One night I found myself on BALG reading for hours so I joined.

I don’t have much experience with working with beings so I’ve been trying to explore more of that.

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Try working with Tul, a Spirit of Love, from the grimoire Kingdoms of Flame. He is “knowledgeable in all matters of love. He can see the hearts Truth, and knows what must be done to win the love of another, or to find love within oneself.”


Okay I will start my research on him now.

Thank you


I am going to have to make a post about this particular demon as I keep repeating his name throughout the forum lately (and I know it is probably old for people to keep reading it), but King Vine for breaking down walls/obstacles would be my recommendation, including the ones we build within ourselves. But Tul sounds great as well, although I never worked with him personally

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