A visit from Yemaya?

Guys I just met Yemaya and for some reason she decided to come and talk to me. Let me first say that after she left, I felt the same way I felt after touching Loki and mediating on Rudra. Fire and dizziness.

Now to start, she is very beautiful and her energy is quite calming but unfortunately, in my area, African Magick is very scary as people use human parts and use it for harm but she objected to these ways telling me that she despises that. Overall, I like her and I actually did from the time I first heard about her.

Would it be okay to work with her from a Pagan perspective? I’m not initiated on her path and don’t intend to follow it in depth but I feel it will be good to work with her. Also she agreed that it’s fine for me to leave offerings to her outside on the ground due to my situation.

I’m just a bit confused as this is a current I know next to nothing about and I’m worried because a lot of family and friends are racist and for the fact that I had to harm a child in astral defense (strangely she seemed to support my decision to finish the job) and her energy is STRONG. I feel like I just encountered an Angel (like in the Bible).

I’m not using her for riches or anything but I feel as if there will be a benefit to working with her. I’d appreciate any advice and my knowledge on the Orishas is very very slim.

Thanks in advance.


Would be a good move if you ask her the question.

So far, I’ve read that when working with African entities, you do need to become initiated with their current but I suppose, that depends upon entities that a person works with.

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I struggled similarly when Pele came to me, as I am not of Polynesian descent. Even after I evoked her and spent the majority of a week with her as a companion. After several talks with other Deities, I decided it didn’t matter what other people thought.

Religions own their path to the Deity. They do not and cannot own the Deity.

I had to forge my own path (and still do), under her guidance.

Out of respect for the culture, I do not use any of the Hawaiian ways of worshiping her. Other Polynesian cultures had other ways of worshiping her, which I also don’t use. That seemed fair.

This topic comes up a lot in the Norse Paganism. This was a response video one made against racial exclusion to the Norse path. WHEN THE GODS CALL YOU THEY DON'T CARE WHAT COLOR YOU ARE - YouTube


She told me that she’s going to help me in a very specific area.

I looked up on it and it’s apparently possible to do so without initiation but with so many experienced practioners claiming you need initaion, its hard to know what’s what.

This sounds like the right thing to do tbh.

Interestingly, the Norse Pantheon are very open to practioners from all walks of life. The Allfather well I can feel that he really hates the supremacists messing with his culture and looks down on them in a very shameful way.


Trust your gut. Good luck. :ok_hand:

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She came to you. Seems like that’s all you need. She overruled any person that says you need to be initiated by reaching out to you herself. Roll with it.


Today I also encountered Papa Legba and Baron Samedi. The first one told me to meet him at the crossroads, not a physical one and the second gave me some advice. Papa Legba was surprisingly comforting and even made a joke. They all showed me some offerings they’d like and when I explained that I can only place it in my backyard, they agreed.

On a related note, Yemaya and Aphrodite are surprisingly close.


Twilight Dragon,
Allow me to respond and hopefully, help you out. I am an initiated preist in the Afro-Cuban Lukumi tradition, therefore, I have Yemaya in my house.
First thing - the real deal basics: (and this applies pretty much to all branches of ATR’s - Isese, Vodun, Lukumi, Palo, etc.)

  1. First, learn about the culture/religion that these spirits come from. Basic info is readily available with a little effort into research.(names, aspects in nature,colors, numbers, foods)
    That way, you will soon be able to sift through the internet crap vs legit.
  2. Be willing to step outside of your western Euro-centric mindset and go beyond limiting terminology, etc. There are so many contradictions, variations,similarities, and methods it will bake your noodle trying to reconcile them all.
  3. Yes - a non-initiate can make a prayer and simple offering to an Orisha like Yemaya for help and support. You should make every effort to do this in their place in nature. e.g. the Ocean. If not possible OK, but if you have that ability and don’t for convenience, expect a lesser degree of efficacy. The relationship is about sacrifice and blessings. You can light a candle, make a prayer, give an offering only. You cannot make a REAL “altar”. You cannot do REAL “work”… e.g. Make Ebbo or divine or anything for anyone else.
  4. In order to expect any guarantee of efficacy, that is when you need to either be initiated, or go to someone who is to work on your behalf. You need to be initiated and have received their sacred implements / vessel…that is the altar! You will need that in order to truly clean, bless, pray, ask, divine (communicate directly),offer, feed, birth, etc. anything for anyone.

Now - on to Yemaya:
As an Orisha, Yemaya is the mother of the world. In Nigeria, she was an orisha of a river. In Lukumi, she became the orisha of the ocean. (One of those contradictions mentioned) As the owner of the seas, she is very rich, powerful and is the EPITOMY OF MATERNITY. Her name means “mother of the fishes”. Generally speaking, as their are several paths or aspects which vary, her colors are blue and white / crystal. Her number is 7 (Odi). She likes many things but cane syrup, watermelon are acceptable offerings.
So - for you an example would be. You can’t get to the ocean, you can go to the pet store and purchase some beach sand, or online purchase, or whatever…point is you are simulating going to the beach at the edge of the ocean. Make a mound of the sand. Place a large blue plate with a small watermelon on it. Cut the top off the watermelon and stick a lighted blue 7 day glass candle in the middle. Put 7 pennies around the candle and pour some cane syrup on top of the whole thing. Everyday at the same time for 7 days, make your prayer to Yemaya asking her for what you want. After 7 days, throw it all in the trash, but if you can get to a river that flows to the sea, throw the melon and coins in the river and let Ochun take it to her. Note the environmental responsibilty of not throwing the plate into anything but the trash…better yet, wash it and use it for next time!
Hope that helps.
Also - Aphrodite would be more like Ochun as the epitomy of female sexuality.