A vision I had on August 15th, 2019

After waking up at 6:00AM, I tried to go back to sleep, breathing as deeply as possible. I then had a vision that I did not expect.

I was in space, seemingly alone, near Mimas and Saturn. Seeing Saturn and its moon Mimas, I immediately thought of Lucifuge Rofocale and Azazel, and I wondered if I was there because they wanted to tell me something important. However, no matter where I looked, I could see no one else. But I was convinced I was here for a reason.

I looked at Mimas again and I realized I could no longer see Saturn. I instinctively turned around, facing the Sun, and I saw three rows of light points. About fifty groups of four light points per row, for a total of approximately 600 light points.

As Lucifuge Rofocale apparently controls 666 legions, I was wondering if he was telling me that he allows me to evoke his legions to aid me in my works of magick…

What do you think?


Your entering space in a dream represents your search for knowledge, reaching out to the universe and overcoming your own reality and accessing your higher being and inner knowing.

The three light rays are the symbol of the pagan Trinity and you are surrounded by the forces of the universe. The symbols of light and the sun are of life and knowledge, the points of light are subjective I don’t feel 666 legions or divisions of spirits but with the symbols of a torch of knowledge it indicates Lucifer the light bearer who is a sole and independent deity.