A very BIG thank you, and Hail Jove


I am writing to you from Seattle WA, I made it! Thank you to all of you who helped in anyway you could, from donations to positive thoughts, I appreciate it all!

Now a little bit about about Big Papa Jove.

I have a talisman made for Jupiter and I wanted to empower it with the favor of the planetary forces. So I made plans to conjure Sachiel, Jophiel, and Hasmiel and ask them to empower said talisman.

I set my temple with my T.O.P. and alter set for Jupiter. I placed the talisman, which had be wrapped in white cloth on Cyprian’s altar for him to assist with cleaning, in the T.O.P. right next to the crystal ball.

In the day and hour of Jupiter I began the conjurations. I got to the Conjuration of Fire (not the same on from the Lesser Key) and lit the charcoal coal disk. The disk lit so I heaped some Jupiter Incense on to it. No smoke, but I kept up the other conjurations.

After the Prayer of Thanksgiving and Conjuration of the Archangel of the Sphere I started with the Hymn for Jupiter. I wanted to recite it four times as four is Jupiter’s number but after I pronounced the last word of the third recitation the incense exploded. Not like “Michael Bay” levels but it popped and the smoke that had been absent started bellowing up from my incense burner.

“Guess you’re here” I chuckled.

I turned my attention to the crystal ball to converse with Sachiel. He appeared has he has before, a very regal bearded man sitting on a throne. I thanked him for coming and explained my purpose in contacting him. I asked for an increase of Divine Grace especially in the areas that the talisman was designed to address.

I then asked Sachiel to bring Jophiel and once Jophiel was present I asked him to bring Hasmiel.

The two of them appeared before Sachiel’s throne as younger priest-kings who were holding larger jelwed scepters. I got the impression of them being the ministers to Sachiel. Or at least two very important spirits who hold rank in Jupiter’s Sphere.*

I asked Jophiel to consecrate the talisman to Jupiter. I saw a blue/purple haze fall over the talisman as Jophiel agreed. The talisman became completely engulfed in this haze until I could no longer see it.

Once Jophiel pronounced his work done, I directed Hasmiel to empower the talisman with the spirits of Jupiter. I told him that I wanted the talisman to be a link between myself and the spirits of Jupiter. I mentioned that I while I was wearing it I wanted the Jupiter Spirits like Hasmiel to work under the direction of Jophiel to increase the good influences of Jupiter in my life.

The haze became a grid that overlayed on the talisman. I looked a bit like circuitry as it sank into the talisman.

Once Hasimel was finished I thanked all three for attending and working on the talisman. I asked for thier blessing and then gave them license to depart.

I have been wearing the talisman during the day and have noticed an increase in Jove’s favor in my life:

I put a few books on eBay, all that sold did so on a Thursday.**

My last day of work in Salt Lake I was treated to a high honor by my superiors. As I left they organized a “clap out” which is usually reserved for people who have been in that office for 5+ years (I had been there for one).

The donations to my Go Fund Me really picked up after the working. I was treated to a great deal of grace from some very wonderful people. (Again, thank you all so much)

More and more I am getting to see Jupiter’s influence in my life and get to learn about it from first hand experience.

So to anyone out there who is going through planetary work, keep going the talisman workings the open up afterwards are MORE than worth it.

Stay Frosty,


  • makes sense as they are the Intelligence and Daemon of the Planet.
    **I know that Mercury is the planet for sales, but I can only point to Jupiter here.

Great stuff. I gotta learn Planetary magick!


Congrats on meeting your goal!

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Hi. Do you make talismans for clients?

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