A Twist of Fate

I have been hesitant to post this on the forums but here goes…

I am pretty open with people who know me about my pursuit of the strange, being pretty heavy with the BALG material last several months, along with many other projects, knowledges and experiments. What I didn’t realize is that with all the strange shit I have ever told people as a “well this is what I’m doing” for sheer entertainment value, this type of material has pissed people off to no end while silently building a disapproving rage.

A friend of mind (good friend), asked me how the projects were going and I told him. Later he texted me some serious insults and basically told me I was a loser wasting my life and going down the wrong path and that I was evil and he didn’t want to be associated with me because of it. He made fun of the occult in general and talked some serious shit and then outright challenged me to curse him.

I told him I would if thats what he wanted, I would send San La Muerte to visit him so he could see for himself. He said do what you need to do, I said "Done". He then proceeded to get offended that I would actually take him up on his challenge and told me not to do it. I told him "you called this one, it might be too late it has a mind of its own and you challenged it". 

 Fast forward 3 days later and he tells me he has had horrible nightmares, his next door neighbor died, neighbor across the street , hospitalized from a heart attack, 1 co-worker wheeled out in an ambulance and another one checked into a hospital for severe migraines. He also lost a few grand on some sports betting for no other reason than his friend placed the bet on the wrong team and said the ending tally on his account was 777. He said "I know that means some shit". 

 "Yes it does" I said. 777 is the numerology for the Path of the Flaming Sword in the Cabala which is what guards the second tree in the Garden of Eden, which if eaten makes man equal to God. 777 means man becoming God". 

    I really have no idea as I re-read this why I am posting this at all, I kind of feel like it's not really purposeful. However, I will say until recently, I never really understood how backwards people were. I had to re evaluate everyone who criticized me and why, when they should know that this type of knowledge is for anyone who pursues it. I had never been verbally attacked like that before. I'm not gonna lie, I was hurt and disappointed. 

   Part of what prompted this I think is some curses I let loose a few months ago, some of which had come to pass already. Nobody asked me about my judgment or why I felt it was necessary or anything like that, I guess I am evil lol? Not really..... but shit man. If you got it coming you got it coming, period. I don't feel guilty. I do have less friends now. 

    Maybe if someone had something like this happen to them also, it will give you some comfort that its just people pissing themselves because they don't like that you are making your own decisions. It really seems its nothing more than that. 

    I hope nobody takes this as bragging, or anything like that. I don't know what it is. Just telling my story, and seeing what the backlash of space time events is. Should be interesting. Never fails to be.
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I don’t think your bragging at all, if anyone hasn’t been through something similar they will if they are open about their experiences. I had I of my very best friends of over a decade basically give me the cold shoulder when he found out I was dealing with the occult. He’s one of the most open minded, insightful people I’be ever known and it just blew his mind that I would do something like that. I had told him about a curse I’d thrown and the results starting to even scare me in how fast they were snowballing. He told me how it was wrong to wish I’ll on others and admonished me for my actions. We stay in contact but nothing like we used to. He continued to talk with my fiancé as we’ve been close as family for the longest and he eventually cut ties with her as well. He would mention something about my practicing and she would tell him about some results I got and how I helped someone with a goal and he would get pissy and find a reason to leave.

If you in fact cursed your friend because of a challenge that was his fault. Stick your hand in a lion cage it’s no ones fault but your own when you draw out a stump.

Going through things like this make me appreciate the “To keep silent” aspect of the magus. It isn’t always about keeping things secret to protect secrets, some people just can’t handle this stuff and it makes your life easier leaving them happily in the dark.

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I agree with your last sentiment wandering fool, even though people generally know me as a bit of a spiritualist, I don’t really discuss the depth of it with people. If people haven’t had these sorts of experiences themselves, people can’t get their head around it.

People are annoying. A lot of times they will go out of their way to attack or try and disprove something that doesnt fit in with their model of reality. I have one in my life who continually mocks anything spiritual, or says shit like “you dont really believe in that stupid shit, do you?” when she sees things like dreamcatchers or crystals and pentagrams within the vicinity.
Yet, in all her bravado and apparent knowledge of what is and isnt “real”, IM the first one that gets called when theres a spirit causing chaos in
her home and shes too scared to even form a complete sentence.

I dont know where mentality like this comes from…probably a mixture of church and TV…

Yeah, you gotta love the people who completely discount your beliefs or experiences but then come to you asking for help about something they’re not familiar with or the best is when they ask you to work on their behalf when they’re in a bind.

So wait lotuseater, you have a freind who has a spirit rampaging in her house and she doesn’t believe in any of this? I hope that she only felt that way before the spirit went nuts at her place.

“Friend” is being awfully generous, but yeah, she will regularly talk about how she only believes in things she can see. Shes a very depressive and neurotic person, and to be perfectly honest, I dont think the critter that was in her apartment got there by accident. Like attracts like, ya know?

After that incident though, she’s learned to hold her tongue a bit, and acts very meek around me, I think she knows she made a fool of herself.

[quote]“Friend” is being awfully generous, but yeah, she will regularly talk about how she only believes in things she can see[quote]

Does she believe in electrons? Music? That nasty smell from the sewer?

sounds like you got one less friend you didn’t need, empyrean.

personally, i would have beat the shit of of them for being a disrespectful cunt, then thrown a curse (or, not needed to by then LOL).

magicians aren’t the only ones who should observe the “to keep silent” mandate. and as lavey (or redbeard… either way) said, “blessed are the iron handed for the unfit shall flee before them”. some people just need a good spanking every now and then to keep them in line and to teach them why - if not only when - they should keep their mouth shut.

however, i’m more interested in this curse you threw. care to share more details?


Well recently a guy on another forum said this about me

“I don’t believe Defectron’s claims for even one second. He’s either simply lying, abusing psychoactive substances, deeply self-deluding or mentally ill.”

Generally I’m not for using occult on people for being wrong on the internet, but I do think it’d be funny to shatter his reality. Maybe once I make an alliance witht he unseele fae I might have them fuck around with him a bit and see what happens.

EDIT: You know, how I sometimes go on about how I style myself as soemthing of an occult antihero. It just occurred to me, its all fine and good to beat the badguys and help the weak and downtrodden, but ignorance is as much a problem in the world as villainy if not moreso. I have an idea for a future occult group project, which will be something like an occult version of fight club, I’ll get back to you guys on this later.

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or you could just provide a demonstration or an irrefutable argument which will assert your superiority. unless you just need the practise, of course, which is reason enough to curse, IMHO. at least, it’s probably more justifiable than boredom, which is usually my own excuse LOL.


I actually didn’t do much of anything. I just got the feeling that the Angel of Death was gonna do his/it’s thing in this case and I communicated back in my mind something like " Show yourself then".

Actually what is strange is my connection to the Angel of Death is my Dad’s fault. I was raised Christian and in that tradition the soul passes over 3 days. It is important to have the funeral asap and usually if the showing of the body is 3 days symbolic also of the soul being present in or near the body before going on to the next phase. He said he could always feel the Reaper. You know when your a kid you believe everything your parents tell you. I guess I always believed in the Reaper because I was trying to attune myself to it.

do you associate this “reaper” with azrael?


Well in regards to providing a demonstration, there’s the whole issue of bringing in a biased observer into what your doing, that has a tendency to fuck up any working your doing if you tell someone who is biased against you. As for irrefutable arguments, I’ve provided information in the past regarding scientific studies done, in books such as the intention experiment, but he always writes it off as being crackpot and not worth looking at. He’s one of those james Randi fanboy types.

But yeah I most likely won’t do anything until I start the occult fight club. After that maybe I’ll have a crazy spirit haunt his house or something.

Not sure, I would have to research. I associate it with at this time Samael as far as Judeo-Christian mythos, although anyone that can “come to get you” I think is in that vein. The Reaper is somtimes associated with Saturn/Kronos, and St. Death/Exu in some traditions. Lol azrael eh…??? Good for hexing smurfs I bet ( I know it a real demon) Googling now…Hmmm… Strange well I guess that on revisiting this creature it fits the role also. 2 Angels of Death? Stranger things have happend I guess.

If it helps I think you have to face death a bunch of times. I thought for many years the “Angel” was trying to kill me. I survived numerous car wrecks that should have killed me several times over. Even while walking I have had people just not see that I am in front of them, or speed up instead of slow down if I am crossing the street. That type of thing doesn’t happen anymore. I rarely get sick, no accidents last few years. I am not sure how it would make sense to anyone else.

I think you have to in your own way, however you do it, mentally (the spiritual death) or physically (escaping unscathed from calamity) spit in its face or at least know its out there and tell it you don’t give a shit. I seriously did not have a real belief in it, but that was my joke “When he gonna try to kill me this year”

If I ever went to a funeral I made sure to touch the body. I always wanted to show that I’m not scared. Um…what else… Tiberius you seem curious, my friend not sure what else to tell you what that what happend I guess. That my experience with death. Not a morbid person, but you know everything in nature have its time, I think the reaper is just a good metaphysical label for whatever makes that happen.

Occult fight club? This is going to be interesting!

So how is that going to work Defectron? More of the magickal chaos side like all the vandalism shit they did in the movie or magic wars against friends to see who’s “wand” is bigger? If it’s the former sounds like a blast, if its the latter…ehhh you guys have fun

Occult Fight Club would be an awesome sequel as well. They could sacrifice Jared Leto to bring back Meatloaf (Robert Paulson) in a necromantic ritual. They’d just keep chanting “HIS NAME IS ROBERT PAULSON!”

More on the magical chaos side, if we beat each other up with magic that might be a little counter productive.

The “fight club” could be similar to FWB. A topic is chosen and those interested could work on it in their own way for specified amount on time.

That actually sounds like a pretty fun idea, I think I’ll incorporate that