A Trade: Readings for Feedback

Ahhh, just completed the last of the readings I had agreed to do before my month-long sojourn.

Let me say, to everyone who took me up on this and participated: THANK YOU for this opportunity. Most of you gave me helpful feedback, all of you asked engrossing questions, and through this whole process -I- have noticed my previously “ok” skills get better and better, the cards are speaking to me more, the shuffles and draws are more natural, and the -certainty- has gone through the roof lately. For not a single one of these readings did I feel -any- of the prior-known card spreads I’ve used in the past was optimal. Instead I found myself devising unique spreads on the spot, divining in the moment and being almost able to feel the “mechanisms” of the universe becoming almost perceptible when I’d reach that special state where I started flipping over cards. It’s been awesome, and you are all partly to blame for this rushing confidence driving me to what comes next in my journey.

The whole week I’ve really been able to start living the words of the demon king Balam from the Nine Kings video, and I have certainly felt his hand guiding my progress in divination, and also staking my claim to power and results as a potential -god-. One of the readings heavily concerned a specific named entity, and I invited that entity’s guidance in the reading as well, to ensure he was properly represented. So between Balam, that entity, and my own potential toward omniscience, I’ve learned to better distinguish between the three, and that clears up a lot in my personal progress as well.

So thanks again, it’s really been very rewarding for me, and I can’t wait to see what everyone’s up to when I’m done freezing my balls off up north in a month.

High Regards,


Thanks for the reading, verry acurate and spot on as the saying goes, the answer was what I’d hoped it would be and the reading made me take the next steps towards becoming a god. There will be suvering but that realy isn’t anything new. Keep up the good work

Awesome reading man truly.

He saw some things going on in my life that I didn’t even mention and his advice helpedme a lot and let me know what I need to do to get myself out of the rut I’ve been in with majick.

Thanks a million Claidheam!