A thanks to Bran

For the past couple of days I have acquired certain services from Bran. I have skipped a few starting blocks as some of you know and bran assisted in regaining my momentum. Bran opened my Chakras, Kundalini and assigned Mepsitahl to be my personal mentor to gain a certain attributes that I am seeking. All of which have been a success and I shall now run with it from here. And I will keep you guys updated on further developments.

Thank you, Bran

First update

I have a folder on my phone with 4 books I now mainly focus on. When I entered the folder a few seconds ago there was a fifth book and have no idea how it got there as I never downloaded it. It was the mastering evocation ebook by E.A Koetting

Coincidence or not?

New update

Made a black mirror dedicated to Mepsitahl. When I was done making the proper markings on the mirror and took a photo of it for bragging purpose ofcorse there appeared two anomalies inside the mirror. Awesome

Very nice! :slight_smile: I have had some interesting things show up on my camera as well. Its pretty neat to see if manifest in photos when you cannot see it with the naked eye! :slight_smile: