A thanks to beelzebub

So the other night, I went to a party in the city. I did a small ritual in Lucifer and the hidden demons to beelzebub for charm. I’d like thank him.


I would assume you got you some?

Sex? No. It was an adult game night. Sex themed games. But I did create a rapport with a woman of my age who said she’s interested in getting to know me more. She is into occultism and did show a romantic interest in me.


Sweet. I wish you well in tapping that or whomever else you like.

The party was hosted by a group. They host events every two weeks. This is a fetlife oriented group. I’ve decided that for fetlife I will be exclusive with this gift for the time being. I’m tired of traveling long distances to new and unfamiliar areas, meeting a majority of older people In pubs or dinners, just to be ignored.

I feel you on that one.

Though I was very lucky on my timing. I chose an event where we play games. I was courageous enough to participate. Before, I’d sit in the back ground and wait for people to come to me. Though getting involved has put me in the spotlight in the best of ways. A regular munch is more difficult to maneuver. Conversation can be like a jungle. Especially when people are more familiar with eachother l.