A Test from Lucifer?

I think Lucifer may have put my faith in him to the test, but i think i failed him, however, I will try up with him again @Xag_darklight I will pm you what happened tomorrow


Do your best and good luck! Lucifer does put you on the test, not your faith on him, but your faith on yourself, in order for you to grow and become a better version of yourself.


In this particular case I believe it was on him but relative to me as well

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After all the things you’ve asked me I think you’re still missing one thing. Understand that your path is all about you. It’s not about the entities, about faith in someone. You care too much about what everyone else thinks.
You need to realize that you don’t need help or mercy from someone else to regain your strength, not from humans, and not from entities.

“He has to help himself” remember when I told you that?


true, but I still have lots of new experiences, especially involving Lucifer and he has told me similar things, I just think the experience I had last night was about faith, both in myself and Lucifer, for me.