A technique I use for inducing particular dreams

Hi all,

this is a simple technique I use that some may already know of but I wanted to share it anyway, I have been trialling this method for a while and I’d say it has an 80% success rate if done properly.
Like you would with a spell, you do the spell, then forget about it, as to let the energy flow and release the magic/magick, it’s the same with this technique. This technique is to trigger your subconscious to make you dream about a certain thing.

So right before you fall asleep, you say something along the lines of “I will dream of ______” and then fill in the blank with what you want to dream about, I imagine in immense detail what I want to dream about, how it will feel, what I want to see, hear, taste and smell in my dream etc… then I immediately think about something else and relax, I play some relaxing ocean sounds to fall asleep to or another form of white noise, then I fall asleep and within a few hours all the way up until the morning, I usually dream of what it is I wanted to dream about.

This may not work the first time, but with practice, this works and it is something cool, interesting and simple I thought I would share with you all, for anyone who is into dreamwork, you could work this into your lucid dreaming or other kinds of dreamwork that you may do.

Thanks for reading.