A super simple guide to an out of body expirience

So you want to AP?

Maybe you’ve had an OBE in the past by pure luck or use of drugs, but could never do it again.
The goal of this post is to make you have an OBE this WEEK. (DISCLAIMER: results may vary)


To start of like when doing magic you want have a shift of mindset to believing it is possible. You cannot get results from magic If you don’t believe it is possible to cause change by spell, sigils, evocation etc. Or maybe you’re lucky and magic works. Point is if you KNOW it’s possible then it’s almost 100% that your magic will yield desirable results.

This is the same with AP. You will want to evaluate all of the reasons why you don’t believe you can AP. Sit with yourself and begin to meditate on why you may not believe deep down you can do it.
Maybe you want to believe, but something keeps you from believing it’s possible.

Possible reasons can be

1.) You have tried AP techniques and the past without results and this made you feel you aren’t able to do it.

-When approaching a new technique do not treat it like your past technique because you’ll carry the failure of those past attempts.

2.) You’ve been told it is not possible therefore your perception has been tainted by someone who never had the experience.

-ask yourself how “ how can i accept the claims of someone who has never experienced something beyond physical existence?” . You shouldn’t. I mean you wouldn’t believe a normie who doesn’t do magic when they say magic isn’t real. If you’re thinking like a skeptic you will hold yourself back from AP.

3.) Something that could also hold you back is lusting over the result of an AP.

-Like magic AP takes time to learn and spells will usually manifest faster when you are detached. Shift your mind to accepting that it could take months for you to experience an OBE.
Once you accept this you’re likely to see results faster when you least expect it. Being patient is worth bc once you learn to AP you can benefit in many areas of your magical life. Get excited with the process and results WILL COME.

4.) Thinking You Know everything about AP because you have tried techniques in the past and you learn some information on the subject.

-That arrogance will hold you back.
Shift your mindset into being open to learning something new about AP. The Truth is all techniques work, but you have to be able to treat them differently.
If you come with the mindset you already know everything about the technique you’re likely to fail. This is because your mind is likely pulling from past attempts of different techniques rooted in failure.

5.) You jump from technique to technique.
-if you can’t choose one technique and stick with it for a long time then you won’t get results. Like riding a bike you have to fail a few times before you get the hang of it till you’re riding with ease.
Learn discipline to stick to one thing at a time if you’re serious about learning. It took me 6 months with one technique to see results.

Even more things to consider

-Don’t over eat before attempting to AP
-Have a healthy sleep schedule
-Don’t be overly stimulated when trying to AP (ex. Caffeine, technology, alcohol, worries/anxiety)
-being over excited to AP will put you in an excited state.
-To AP your body has to be relaxed in order to fall asleep.
-You’re waiting to AP. Remember you have to be detached from result. Maybe it’ll come today maybe i’ll come tomorrow but you simply have to be in the present.

Onto the actual technique

Remember you’ll want to forget all the ones you’ve tried in the past and believe that you can do this.

1.) Stretch your body to release all ten
sions. And do a meditation to ground yourself in the present moment.

2.) Lay down on your back hands aside of you and through the mind’s eye visualise the room you are in. Now, in the same room see yourself (if possible in first person although 3rd person is fine) walking around and touching things, singing or anything physically engaging. Get excited about it till your mind is exhausted from the visualization.

3.)Get yourself back to center and shift your mindset back preparing for sleep.

4.)Make the intent that you will catch your body falling asleep and simply go to sleep. Do not wait to see the results or you’ll remain awake unable to sleep. Just go to sleep your mind will take care of the rest.

Do this every night and eventually you will without too much effort enter the “Vibrational Stage”
In this stage it may sound like static or white noise. When this occurs it is important that you remain calm.

Your astral body will separate and your physical body will be asleep and you’ll be fully conscious of what is happening.
Once you’re in the astral you can experiment as you please.

Somethings that may help you

¤ Daily affirmations that promote your ability to project
¤calming Meditations
¤ a Dream journal
¤Art depicting AP

Using this simple technique and staying consistent. Along with affirmations and dream journaling i was able to enter the Vibrational stage and then able to enter the astral.

Once you get the hang of it itll be up to you to figure out what you can do there. I recommend you read Robert Bruce’s book Astral Dynamics for more information.

Good luck i look forward to reading your success stories.
Post down other possible reasons one maybe holding themsleves back from Projecting.


Nice post. Will try this tonight.


Thank you. Good luck

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if you cant sleep on your back comfortably when You reach step 3 you can change your sleep posititon to one that is comfortable for you


Nice i will try it in the future :slight_smile: