A student from Spain

Dear E A Koetting and students: Greetings!

I have bought “Mastering Evocation” and it is great, but I have a hard time trying to understand spoken English, I am from Spain and English is not my mother language, but I understand written English, I fortunately have several Koetting´s books and I can understand several workings as performed in the videos.

Is there any chance that these videos are subtitled in English? thanks!



The easiest thing would be to pay someone to transcribe some .srt files. I think it’s just avi and mkv that can have embedded subtitles, and those formats aren’t as universal as mp4. You’d (probably) only be able to play them on a PC or Laptop unless you created a new video and burned them on top.

Greetings Oscar,

Also, the workbook is in English that comes with the course too! So, if you can read English better, I may suggest that you download the work book, print it out, and read along section/chapter.

This may really help as well for you to learn English better! Hope this suggestion helps my friend.



What S_I suggested will work too!

Welcome paisano

Gracias! :slight_smile: