A Strange Dream I had

I dreamed a few time a cemetery with the Stones being huge stones of Demons what is this. Dreamed it 2-3 time and they didnt move. they were red and alive but didnt move.

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this happened months ago but something pointed out to ask you guys

I think the reason why no one has been replying here so far is that, first off, there aren’t enough details so someone can actually interpret the dream. Second, there’s an official thread here about decoding one’s dreams, where lots of members help each other out in interpreting the symbolisms of a dream.

If you’d really like an interp, maybe try posting a much clearer and detailed version in the official thread for decoding dreams? Use the :mag: button to find said thread. Just a thought. :slight_smile: That way, you’d get the (accurate) answers you’re seeking and maybe more.


My understanding… Cemetery is a symbol of death. Huge stones in ancient civilizations around the world used to be sacred symbols that represent Gods and kings. But in your dream, because they’re in a cemetery, they must have a connection with headstones of dead people… now spirits. In most cases, spirits can not move, contact you, unless you do and contact them. And we visit a cemetery to meet or talk to the deceased and honor their memory.

Basically the dream says you are aware of Demons, they’re aware of you. But you don’t contact them much or as much as you should. Maybe out of subconscious fear, as the atmosphere of the dream suggests.

I think there are high ranked Demons trying to encourage you to make a move and talk to them, visit them as people visit a cemetery, more often. Specifically in a ritual or by using an altar. Because that’s how they’re honored.


Cemeteries in visions may have to do with spiritual awakenings and can reflect our fears. What happens in the afterlife according to your spirituality is often known as “the unknown,” mostly because views on the subject differ so vastly.

If you are having doubts or fears about your future, whether it is your chosen job field or the occult this may be sending you a message about your path and your doubts about your rituals or future.


Lets say cementeries are in a way the place we pay tribute to the ones that are on the other side
So i wouldnt say is a place of death i would say it represents a doorway to other realms
Something like vultures or amaranths
Vultures eats corpses but they represent the asention of the soul to another place
As amaranths were given to the death so they represent a way of comunication to another realm
So the cementery is a gateway a passage an intermediate place to another realm
The alive red stones i think are entities present lets say trying to get in touch
But you still have the conection on a very basic level
Red as the first color of the rainbow the first chakra
Connection to the earth
As stones are connected to the earth
So they are or quite earthly entities, or maybe you still have a too materialistic, lets say tangible idea or perception on them
Not a spiritual conection but you take them as if they were something of this earthly realm so to speak
Same reason they dont move you take them for material forces rather than spiritual forces
Or they really are spirits of earth.


very interesting thank you all

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I looked on the website www.dreammoods.com. They have an A-Z list of dream subjects. For cemetery, part of it said "To dream that you are in a cemetery indicates an end to a habit or behavior. You are experiencing a rebirth. More directly, the dream may symbolize sadness, unresolved grief, or your fears about grief.
There are also other websites that give dream meanings. There are books that do the same thing. It is good to ask yourself “what does a cemetery mean to me?” "What is going on in my life that is like a death, etc.

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