A story to Share

First off… HAIL BELIAL!!!
I have to share this story about Belial coming thru in a pinch to everyone here on the forum! Tonight… after weeks of planning and BS my wife made a journey to a concert. It seemed like everything was against her and in the last 10 minutes of getting to the concert late there was still some potentially major issues. So what did I do to make sure no obstacles came in the way? Ask Belial to clear her path… there were people that could get in the way from getting in… there were people that would get in her path from meeting the singer she’s loved for YEARS… fuck, even the weather changed TODAY from sunny all week to virtual fuckn blizzard JUST TODAY that she had to drive in for over two hours to get there.

Long story short, I’ve communicated with Belial before… off and on over several months (among others). I highly respect Belial and other “demons” that have been disrespected or made to be “evil” imho. So in a pinch I had complete trust … I respectfully asked for a few minor favors in return for small drops of blood that Belial has an affinity for. I ask for mutual respect in return.

Not only did he help before, but tonight Belial delivered MORE that I expected and in return I offered what I felt would be fitting and respectful… a simple offering of meat, flame/candle, blood upon the candle & sigil and my enthusiastic public endorsement for his generosity and swiftness. Upon the candle extinguishing upon its own, his departure follows with a solemn Thank You and Farewell… till we meet again.

I highly recommend you do your own research, follow your instincts and like many others besides myself approach Belial and other beings with the respect they deserve.

I would also like to thank all of you here on this forum that, for years, I have been reading posts… like a dark shadow.


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