A spell to make myself “invisible” while i perform rituals?

i feel like my biggest problem when it comes to doing magick is my concentration and anxiety. i’m constantly worried that someone who i live with is going to knock on my door and ask to come in or even just knock and break my concentration. i also think about my small ritual tools, which isn’t much, but i don’t want people to ask what those tools are. any ideas?

Have you tried using the search function before asking a question? There are many threads already on this topic.

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You might be making it harder than necessary… there’s more to magick than tools, you don’t need them. :smiley: Also look up “astral temple”.

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thank you! i didn’t think of that, sorry

thank you! i just find it difficult to get into the right headspace without them

I still don’t have tools outside of some crystals candle and Incense which I barely use. What you will find if you have a more advanced target is not worrying about roommates but their own psychic ability.

People have done work on me and I would dream about them doing the ritual down to all the specifics. What entity can shield against that? I have no idea. Some people don’t get dreams, they get visions or have a clair sense. You can do it in the dark but if someone is tapped into light, they will know. Because that is the spirituality of light.