A snake 🐍 lying on my bed back from astral travel

Hello guys,

I just got a nasty experience, I was projecting myself in astral, I found myself in a black and green tunnel spinning very fast. I got a bit scared cause that was the first time to experience so I forced myself to return in my body and try to open my eyes but I wasn’t fully returned. when I partially open my eyes I saw with my peripheral vision a snake lying next to me, i was intrigued but I closed my eyes I wanted to go into that tunnel again I thought maybe I missed something there but I couldn’t see it again, so I decided to return to my body and again I saw again on my peripheral a snake. I decided to fight it ( BTW I am really scared of snakes) I hold his head tightly and tried to open his mouth so I could break it but it fought back, bit me. at that moment i started to get overwhelmed by fear but i motivated myself to ignore it and i ended up killing this snake.

Have some of you guys already experienced this kind of things when you see something next to you after a projection ?


I have not seen anything like this in astral projection. But, if you are in sleep paralysis, here is a good tip to wake yourself up: begin to consciously/deliberately breathe, slowly and deeply. When you are in sleep paralysis, or the hypnagogic stage, your mind is awake but your body is asleep, which is why you cannot move. If you deliberately change your breathing pattern, this will trigger your mind to realise your body is “awake” and release you from paralysis.

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Thank you for your reply @Veil
The problem with me is as soon as am back usually I need to wait some second before opening my eyes and when I open my eyes it’s kinda a reality check for me if am in real world or not. I try to do something else even breathing consciously but I usually find myself going back again and breathing in the astral. Sorry I dunno if you get what am trying to say

All good mate. Try developing a reality check (or more than one). For me, it’s obvious when I am in sleep paralysis because I cannot move. When I am projecting, it is less clear, but I notice signifiers. For instance: it is always night, and light switches/items which rely on electricity do not work. From there I developed a reality check: trying to push one thumb through my opposite palm. If it works, I know for certain I am projecting.

So, see if you can develop a safe, non-harmful reality check like the above. (Something that would never work in waking life, only in a dream state – not something that would cause injury or illness if you did happen to be actually awake.)

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Oooh yeah even for me and so right about the switch not working :joy::joy:
I always think I am on the lower side of the astral. And did you notice that when you trying to examine your surrounding calmly it kinda messes up your experience you end up waking up, I have noticed for me that you have to be spontaneous there, not too much thinking otherwise your subconscious will kick you out

aye, I find the best thing for me to do is just act immediately; although sometimes i really cannot tell if i am awake or asleep/in AP if I emerge in a perfect simulation of my bedroom.

Always hope i am AP’ing so i never have to explain to my housemates why i am sprinting outside in the middle of the night. Usually I have no problems walking through walls/doors though, so that’s a good indicator, but sometimes I just physically collide with doors/walls/objects too :expressionless:. So far though it has all worked well for me :+1:

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I have had helpful spirits visit when I am in sleep paralysis, take the form of snakes, and jump in and out of my body for energy work.

I did have one really weird OBE where when I came back, some guides pulled a freaky shrimp thing out of me. But it came out of my body, it didn’t come to visit.

Are you sure it was an enemy? Maybe it fought you because you attacked it. I don’t think snakes are typically associated with astral parasites ( I could be wrong). You went on the offense out of fear (been there, done that, regretted it), but maybe a better approach would be to ask it why it is there, and decide from there whether or not is is an actual threat.

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Yes it’s true I attacked out of fear, but it shouldn’t have been there on my bed, I didn’t give him permission nor called him but you are absolutely right I should have asked it why is it there

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Perhaps you could sigilize that entities are not welcome in your bed and display that sigil on/near your bed (painted on bedpost, sewn into a pillow case, printed out and posted on the wall, etc.). Or consecrate and ward your bed.

The majority of spirits who visit me when I am in bed come into the bed or hover above me in the bed. Some stand at the foot or side of it. So maybe let them know that you are not up for in-bed visits- and if they ignore that, then they are fair game :smiley:

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What happens when they come to visit you? They just hang around for fun or they wanna talk to you

Thank you for the advice, I ll try it out @anon88521623

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It depends on the spirit. Helpful spirits do energy work and I suspect enter my dreams from there, on occasion (particularly ubis). An ancestor give me a hug when I discovered her illegitimate child who she has put up for adoption on the internet and reconnected them with the family.

Goetia usually stand at the foot of the bed or beside me and try to talk to me. Bune did this once before entering into my dream, with one of her legion. I had the reverse with Vassago; they barged into a dream and I woke up in sleep paralysis to them standing at the foot of the bed, with one of their legion at the headboard. Sometimes I can understand them, sometimes I can’t.

A bunch of plant spirits visited once: some sort of feverish ritual I don’t fully understand, but it was a kindness and an honor.

I had an Archangel Michael imposter climb in; I’m not really sure what it wanted. It got banished pretty quickly. One parasite, back when I was an absolute beginner and did not believe in spirits, would pull me halfway out of my body at times like 2:22 and 3:33 to fuck with me. They are not all nice visits, but most of them are.


That was a really nasty parasite, at least you are now experienced

So you speak mostly with spirits during dreams or OBE

I have had recently a spirit that came to visit me when I was in sleep paralysis, It was around my feet then started moving on top of my head,

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It was a scary time. This forum helped me a lot, especially @Angelb1083 and @DarkestKnight (thanks again :slight_smile: ).

Yes. I evoke, and I speak to them, but filtering out what they are saying versus my own imagination is a skill I am still developing. It’s much easier in liminal states.

Another thing @DarkestKnight taught me when I first started picking up on spirit visits; if they are going for your head/crown chakra and attaching there, chances are they are not a parasite :slight_smile:

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