A small anecdote with Belial - a cool confirmation example

After a pact with Belial, I intuitively felt like turning on my old-style radio that got manifested in my life , also by the powers of magick. What do I hear, the moment that sound comes out?

This : (See at vid @ 3:03) - interesting number by the way… :slight_smile: )

So recently after a number of preliminary rituals, I
made a pact with Belial- and so I realize how there’s this unification and co-guidance of one’s subconscious - that is in fact a particular archetypal extension of oneself, beside the name-could be seen as a facet of the God-Mind, which is your own mind, ultimately. A permanent and active cooperation is the result of the ritual, and it’s been AMAZING so far.
Like having dreams of bringing someone back into their pure inner child consciousness and ealing my relation to that person, completely to realizing how I can regenerate -anything- all at once in a dream and in daily consciousness. I just need to push the feeling, go with the flow, refine, actively choose what I wish to manifest.

I had to be in nature to handle the forces - though Belial of course sees to it that you can handle everything well.
For those that are reluctant to work with daemons/demons - it just makes you more whole and is just a part of yourself like your arm is - when not worked with it remains an unconscious part of yourself, and life is just not as full, and incomplete-for it also has to do with the mastery of your own subconscious which is absolutely in your own best interest. It opens you up to being able to having the ability to manifest anything you wish, consciously, with the wisdom of Belial (for example). Belial helps you to create beauty- genuine, heartfelt, serving your divinity within as a co-host. It’s ultimately meant to be like that I feel- Possession is automatic then - I’m considering sharing a fuller perspective on that, the rituals I did and the content of my pact, I’m aiming to put together the exact rituals I did before to come to this result to I can share valid information, in an orderly way . :slight_smile:


Mastery of subconscious, I like that

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oh yes… :slight_smile: It feels like plugging into a part of you that holds massive wisdom,
through experience I came to realize and got to be able to evaluate how demons are, when one walks the path of self-empowerment, are not about ‘evil’ or self-detriment, but quite the opposite, just like angels are. It’s a relief- I feel better, happier, more able to manifest my dreams now that I feel more ‘plugged’ to what can help me do that. In everything I think, Belial thinks with me, assisting, supporting, co guiding my dreams as a platform, a tool of consciousness helping me with a universal basis in his own unique category. Life is better, I finally see how I can dream big and the confidence is naturally there on the positive outcome of these heartfelt dreams. :slight_smile: I went into a neighbourhood with villa’s earlier today for example, and I was thinking, man I like this and that about this and that Villa, formulating thoughts and I feel the natural support of Belial. My pact content (however I did preliminary rituals, that are quite important to the whole mix of my personal results) stated. 'In the name of the dragon, would I (name) like to make a pact with you Belial. Could you please help me to enthrone, inherit all that you stand for. Thank you. Adding a sigil and a drop of blood as I pricked my finger with a lancet.

(general tip - if you would ever wish to go that route in your magickal journey - see google for: lancet medical tool) It is super handy, if you have to draw blood for anything at all, it’s probably the least painful as it is designed for exactly that- it might be the easiest way to go - as you don’t want to damage your body. It generally comes with a tool that does all the work for you - you push a button - the needle goes in and out and is generally shaped in a way that makes penetration easier. No hassle. :slight_smile: (thus also perfect if you wish to use your blood regularly) :slight_smile: