A simple question that I don't think anyone has asked

Do you think the EA Koetting ever looks at this forum and just shakes his head?

“What the hell is wrong with these people?”

To which I’d reply “A lot!”

Mods, feel free to delete if this is somehow crossing a line.


Naaa I don’t think he bothers anymore.

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@Anassa In the vids he makes, he often uses forum questions in his Q&A. So he must look to some degree.


Naa I bet he has people that check some parts of the forum, like the E.A. one and they pick the questions for him.

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He helped create this forum but I believe it belongs to Timothy so he would be the one to keep things going and such.
I don’t remember if EA checks or not but does it matter?

In my eyes there are plenty of awesome people to learn from and talk to here. If he joins from time to time that’s awesome but I don’t look for him.


Yes, EA does check the forum from time to time. As already mentioned, he has answered questions that have been posted here on his YouTube channel, and he has also praised the work of some of the forum’s magicians so he is at least aware of things that happen here. He spends the majority of his time producing content though.

Timothy takes care of the technical side of things, such as updating the software and so forth, so he is more involved than EA, and does monitor the forum (he actually responded to one of my flags, which surprised me)

He’s pretty down to earth and doesn’t seem to hold himself above people so I find this idea highly unlikely. Also, he’s not like uber wealthy or anything so hiring people just to check the forum seems a bit far fetched, but, who knows?


I agree.
I’ve never gotten the holyer then thu from him,. He does like to be a show man lol but so did a lot of others.


Yeah, I agree. Being a showman is just part of being a public figure. Every magician that is a “face” in the occult community, is a showman to some extent, even if it is just trying to give the impression that they know what they are talking about.


If you see something you think is abuse, trolling, or otherwise a problem, please flag it, because a forum is only as good as the people who take part and who take responsibility for watching out for their community, so use the flag icon (accessible under the three dots … on every post) to let us know if there’s an issue - it won’t notify the person who posted, and your name is never disclosed, it just bumps it to the top of the list to be read by Staff. :+1:

In general, making broadsides against forum members as a whole is a thing that just creates drama, because no-one is really sure if they’re being addressed and it just turns into a passive-aggressive muddle, so, I’m going to close this.