A sign from Lucifuge?

Hi everybody,
I wanted to share with you guys an experience I had yesterday, I was reading a post here concerning Lucifuge Rofocale, i was interested in this mighty demon since I read the Grimoire few weeks ago but i began to ignore (LF) some people were saying he doesn’t exist, he doesn’t have sigil etc… So when I was reading the post i followed a link on how to invoke Lucifuge, so I tried the invocation by a visualization of Saturn (The demons planet) and listening to its sound frequency but once I stopped the audio i was still hearing it on my left ear, i told myself that it was only a secondary effect of this hypnotic audio frequency but the buzz on my hear continued and it was exactly the same audio freq of Saturn, i curiously checked the planetary hour in that moment and guess what??..It was Saturn time. Here again Saturn is Capricorn’s planet one of the 3 Astro signs i’m compatible with. Another thing i noticed was the Outside was kindda “terrifying” it was the night but it was like the darkness covered the entire city, like you go outside and you feel that the Night looks threatening. So the audio buzz on my ear continued for more than an hour and even after Saturn’s planetary hour. I don’t wanted to in depth in that evocation knowing a bit who’s Lucifuge, i felt his intense energy, you have to experience it, i can’t describe it but the key word is Darkness. For experienced people in this forum, was it a synchronized message from Lucifuge i need to decrypt it? Or a confirmation that i need to build my path toward him, because yeah he’s a very interesting demon to make a pact with. Please let me know what you think.
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Call on him and he will come!!!

I love Lucifuge and you will also once you know him and he knows you.


Oh yes i’m definitely going to build a strong relationship with him, no fear no doubt.

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