A ritual for charity

Hey everyone. Before starting the conversation I wanna say that I know that the topic title is stupid but I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’ve been doing magick for some months now. since today morning my blood pressure/ heart rate went below 35. I want someone to heal me through magick as I don’t have the power left in my body to do a proper ritual of evocation/ invocation. I’m literally feeling the most shittiest in my whole life. Can someone please help me out

I assume you mean your heart rate bpm went below 35. Cause that’s not a reading for blood pressure. If you’re having heart issues like this you should consult a doctor for an exam. Your experience today may have been a Magickal omen telling you to get checked out. If this happens while you’re driving it can easily be your life or others.


Do you have access to primary care, or to speak to a medical professional, or get a same-day appointment? If you do, please contact them.

Please post back if possible to let us know you’re okay. :+1:


Hello. Thank you so much. I’m okay now , my doc told that it was due to stress. He gave some meds and now I’m fine. Thank you so much


Glad you’re feeling better! Thanks for following up.