A ritual for beginner and expert magicians

The ritual i thought you really wanna learn is a kind of dark but empathatic level of ritual, easy to use for beginner magicians.

Requirements, a red pentagram, two white candles, a token, like your name on a paper, a lighter, salt and a metal bowl

First step: Draw a red pentagram atleast 500x 500 cm, it does not matter what you use as log as it is red and place the metal bowl in the center.

Place on the left and right side of the pentagram a white candle. Once placed light them. Then write your name on a paper and start the prayer:

In Infernal bound my lord Satan i call thee
Let my name be known amongst the dark and evil
Let my bonds be reborn towards your splendure
Sent me you wisdom of whatever i desire

Step Three: Now place the paper with your name in the bowl and use of on the candles to drip some of the wax into the bowl and then placing the candle back on it’s place. Now sprinkle some salt over it and use the next sentence:

Now my commitment to your pact is sealed and thus you are now able to answer the questions and wisdom i want to seek
In the name of the Infernum, Lord Satan give me a sign of your confirmation

Then to confirm say: Incartnum nul Infernale lupe da eksekate “Say Your Name” intra postum

Step Four: Once you said your name, pick up your paper with your name on it and light it, then lay it back in the bowl and keep praying with the same chant i am about to write down here:

Imperium Nox Sententia Inerta Amedi Destro Incante Suprimos Satanus Infernus Sacrius Grante

Once you have done this.

Step Five: Blow out the candles and remove the pentagram then let cold water fall into the bowl to cool it down and extinguish the flame burning to complete the ritual.

After that something special happens, giving you a better power to evoke, i recommend you use your current evocation of your spirit, if done correctly you will not have to think of the deity or feel it anymore.


Has anyone experienced this ritual ??

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Looks interesting

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