A revelation on Clairvoyance

Throughout my practices trying to rekindle clairvoyance and have it under control is…

You’re already clairvoyant… yes you already recieve visuals, they are always streaming but you just have to have higher level of consciousness to notice it

Ive noticed what helped me tap back into clairvoyance is the lower brain, raising the earth energy in essence, I discovered this on the 72 Shem/Goetia challenge, and my hypothesis was correct based my experiences, the Goetia and the Shem are the 144.000 star clusters of the pineal Gland that crystallize it into Luciferian God consciousness or Godhead

Here are some of techniques I’ve found to help;

• Erect Spine Meditation

It is said the spine is the wand or staff of the magician, how erect you are able to keep it determines your will power, every second you sit with that back pain from your slouch or heaviness, you are raising your consciousness

Combining this technique with Mula Bandha also activates pineal gland

• Buddha Breathing

I discovered this one intuitively though I’m sure it’s a method used in some tradition… so you wasn’t expand all your chakras starting from the root going up as you inhale as if you’re filling air into a balloon, and then squeeze them from the bottom one by one as if you are milking your chakras up to your crown, and then inhale again down your chakras, doing the same thing in opposite order

However the original buddha breathing, is you breath from root to crown expanding chakra by chakra one breath at a time, and then you contract as you exhale from top to bottom

This will crystallize your entire aura, you will literally feel like a crystal hollow body, and downloads will come streaming in like crazy ive had some crazy stuff happen with this one

• Self Possession by your astral body

This is one my favorites, your astral senses can be fed and nourished through this practice, you want to start with just feeling like your astral body or light body entering your physical body, or you can imagine waking in the astral plane and flying down to your physical body, you can play with it

It is said that the KA/Astral Body also needs its form of nourishment just as the physical body needs food and water, you want to breath in earth chi from the feet spiraling up counterclockwise looking from uptop, higher self chi/cosmic chi from the breath and third eye, and universal chi from the crown, charging your astral body with these energies, can merge your multidimensional faculties with your physical and astral body, its like sowing them together

There’s another technique ive found where you can merge all of the bodies which I recommend everyone to try because of its awesome power

• Third Eye breathing obviously try it with sungazing it will blast your third eye open…. I cant even tell you how important this one is, very very powerful, imagine you’re breathing it in from your forehead, your eyes and nose, this made me see outside world from the inside of my brain rather than my eyes, I was also seeing energies, thoughts etc. i could see the energy of the people looking at me etc. this by far one of the most potent ones

•Visualization Exercises

This one is my favorite, a few years back I met a magician from a coven, we connected telepathically months before we even met, it was weird lol

When I met him in person he could literally project his astral/ethereal visualizations and make it vivid for everyone to see, ive noticed this to be a really powerful tool not just for magick but for clairvoyance, he taught me in his astral school a few techniques

Visualize a tiny brick of gold between your thumb and index finger, really feel it between your fingers, feel the color, the gold, imagine your chi is bringing those particles together to make it tangible, feel the warmth between your fingers, then make the brick of gold larger, make it bigger to you feel it holding in your hand, feel how big it is, how it feels in your hand, this will train your astral and mental muscles

Additionally you can also try drawing a pentagram over and over again, until you see it vividly

Combining this with astral self possession will only empower it

But I’ve also noticed something that helps is slowing down… this helps recieve visions clearly from my experience

Hope this helps those looking to develop their astral senses especially clairvoyance :clinking_glasses: