A relative's major health issue

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In my opinion you have a right to fight for their life, that transcends anything else, provided you’re not making them life when they WISH to die.

Try this to start with:


Thank you very very much Lady Eva


I concur with @Lady_Eva. In my opinion, you should first ask if they want to live, before doing anything.

Sometimes, we strive to heal someone to spare ourselves the loss, rather than to spare them the suffering. While it is very possible to heal someone against their will, it is generally considered more effective when they help in the process.

As someone who worked on a family member’s cancer (with the help of forum members) and a few days ago helped pull a friend’s kitty from the brink of death after she was poisoned, I wish you the best of luck.


Thank you, I will make sure that they want to be healed.

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I second @Lady_Eva’s Mantra. It’s very helpful. You can also play Sapien Medicines cancer frequency for them.

It’s honestly not going against nature but understand that if their time is up or they want to leave their body, they will. It happened with my grandfather as even after calling on multiple deities, his time was up (his guides took him peacefully though).

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