A Quick Word On Society

Society ain’t to blame for the way you are or your problems.

It is composed of BILLIONS of people who are gonna do whatever they are gonna do. People will be people.

Yes there are little “groups” that try to make rules and shit, but people plain don’t care about those rules and as a whole will continue to thrive.

People will continue to be unique.
Will continue to fuck.
Will continue to kill

Society is not responsible for:

• Your mental illness

• The way you see things

• Your Sexual orientation

• Your lack of power

• all the other bullshit you blame it for

The educational system is not held responsible for your lack of critical thinking skills or creativity.

It is there to teach a strict set of skills on various subjects in a strict parameter. Don’t burn down the damn school just cause it didn’t include a subject you like.

If a kid didn’t pass the class, there is a reasonable chance they didn’t care enough to study and simply chose not to listen.

Otherwise, they would have critical thinking skills. Also, they have choice to ask questions, search on Google, and practice the shit.

Your childhood religion cannot be blamed for how you are today.

If I am sadistic and destructive and psychotic (which I am), the only thing the religion did was bring that shit outta me cause it was already there.

Nobody made me any kind of way.

Regardless of some fuckshit “ruling class” or “elite-whatever-the-fuck”, they did not create your current circumstances and cannot take you out of it.

Nature & Nurture

We are equally products of our environment and the choices we make.
Society does contribute to the way some of us are, but it’s simply that: a contribution. Nothing more.

Nobody forces us to be how we are, even me.

Thanks for ya time


By constantly blaming outside forces you remain a victim. To take responsibility for yourself is to take power for yourself.

Though society can be blamed for mental illness in some cases like Flint Michigan.


I agree to an extent. There are cases that can be blamed externally. For example parents lying to you about certain things and forcing you to live a lie. Or silencing your voice and causing emotional trauma.

There are greys and nothing is absolute.


Now you listen to me! I’m a Victim. I wear my Victim badge proudly. As a Victim you have to show me more respect and sympathy than you otherwise would because people like you owe me - Big time!

As a matter of fact, how dare you belittle my hard earned status as a Victim of Victimhood! I expected a lot more from you. I just want you to know that as I post this you’ve viciously made me a heartbroken case and compounded my victimised condition. Thanks so much.



The only purpose of society is to give the individual something to transcend and rise above.

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