A quick and easy mind control spell taught to me by Lucifer

Wow that’s interesting, never thought about that but sounds like an interesting idea…However I will wait for someone else to try that one…lol

Sorry I don’t get the red string part.
Do we have to roll the picture then put the string all over or do we have to let the picture flat and roll the string all over?

I typically fold the picture up until it’s smaller (can fit in palm of my hand) then tie the string around it. I recently just tried it with red duck tape, so will see how that goes.


Thank you :blush:
Please let me know if it works.

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Is this permanent?

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Anyone have any updates or success from their recent spells?

I have had success with this spell, but just tried some recent modifications and seeing what the outcomes will be.

2 days ago I did the spell, but not sure if any results happened yet, I took on a bigger task so will see. I also just yesterday did one where I used King Paimon sigil. I draw like a kindergartener so the sigil was quite funny looking but still charged it and will see if I get any results.

To be honest it’s fun to experiment and I asked for things that aren’t crucial at all, so if for some reason it doesn’t work, I go back and try again. The original spell as outlined above does work however and I saw results within 24-48 hrs my first time trying it. Hope this helps.


I have a question… can we use it on ourself? I wonder if i can force myself doing something thanks to this spell? I would like to relief stress and anxiety a bit.


I’ve actually had the same thought myself, will try something and let you know😁

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Yes. Im gonna try too as soon as i can get a printer for the picture.

Newbie question here -

The last step says to put it someplace neither you nor the target will see. Technically, the garbage can would fit that description but I’m assuming that’s not what we’re going for. I could see myself doing this multiple times and I could easily have a pile of these things hidden in corners and I’d eventually run out of places (since I’ll see the old one if I go to place a new one at the same spot). So what do we do with it after we get the request?

Or am I thinking too narrowly? It can be literally anywhere like thrown into a river or whatever


I know some people burry their paper spell. Tbh i don’t know what i am gonna do with mine when i will do it.

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Ok - so the part I’m stuck on is actually doing the mind control. Should I state “N, you will return to me…” or mentally tell the target what to do?

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Think about this: how you self-talk to yourself when you’re attracted to someone. Do you think, “I will like X and come back to him/her?” Or do you say “X is actually a pretty attractive person, I just may start coming back around to see where it goes?” The second is how I write the request or command. I have also phrased as a question like this “when did X become so attractive to me? Why am I drawn to them?” This does 2 things. It already presupposes the person is attracted to X, meaning it happened already and it also challenges the subconscious mind to come up with the answer to the question that’s being asked.

My initial success with the spell came from phrasing as a question above, but also worked with writing as a statement from the person perspective I want to influence.

Hope this helps.


Has anyone tried this on a group of people or whole organisations? The possibilities could be endless in the use of this.

How often have you all done it? Meaning did you send one per day or did you do it every few days?

I would think that if some of the things you wanted were very similar that you could do it a few days in a row

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I think this has worked for me. I did this three times, twice for one result phrased two differently ways and a third one for something different. I haven’t seen the third one take into effect yet and that was about 4 days ago.


Congrats! How did you phrase it the two different ways?

Much like blankman did as a question but worded differently. I don’t remember the exact phrasing as I tried to cast it and then forget it.

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