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I’ve done a few love spells before but I’ve never used a picture of the person I wanted, now I do have a picture of said person and I wonder how do I use it? Do I put it on top of the sigil of Sallos or Gemori after I am done using the ritual? Or hold it in my hand while I am chanting their enn?

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Don’t know what sort of ritual you are doing, but remember it is your intent (not the picture itself) that gets results. So, depending on the ritual you could burn or banish the picture, but I would suggest looking at it intently during the climax of your ritual.

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It’s basically going to be a into followed by drawing the sigil of sallos and enn chanting

I mean it’s going to be LBRP followed by drawing the spirits sigil and chanting their enns and stating my intentions.

Ok I dont use this method myself. As before I would use the picture as a visualization aid during the climax of your ritual. Incidentally, whatever method you are using remember it is YOUR willpower that is bringing the results - any spirit is merely a helper.

I would draw the demons seal over the picture and add some blood and or cum. Use it as a focal point. And I wouldn’t burn it until after results manifest.

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