A Question regarding evocation

The last time i tried evoking a Demon ( my second time )
It was completely different from the first time i did it…
When i tried summoning a succubus by evoking lilith…the feeling i had was completely different of when i tried evoking Astaroth…
That is what is really making me think that you are all right, when summoning a Demon you all say there is this hummmm noise and vibration to it with it, which i kind of felt when i summoned Astaroth, but the same did not happen before! Altough, i found it was too strong and i stopped it, the vibration and the sounds…it was like my head was going to explode and my body was vibrating so deeply i was going into rapture O_O
So the question is… should i let it happen ? Even if it is soo strong ?
I am thinking that i will be trying it again anytime soon as i am coming back to my country and i will have time to start practicing this more seriously…i am sure it will happen again. What should i do ?

My thought is that I wouldn’t continue if it feels “too” strong, as that is your own sense it is pushing your limits / and yet at the same time that is a development (I sense).
So I wouldn’t principle it saying that is wrong, but like “physical” exercise shouldn’t strain- same energetic… but I go further, rather than the Western pop-physical culture of pushing through- end justifies the means just get through it and recover later…

the Taoist concept of staying in “your” (current) 70% ie Goldilocks (ala of & the 3 bears: "not too little, not too much- just right) the idea being that while one is doing < whatever one is doing > to have energy in reserve to have the skill/grace and not be straining- and thus distorted… to be more integrated. If that is done each time, soon one’s 70% of your 100% then, will exceed your earlier 100% (or “110%”)

a related aspect is also finding out where the reaction is coming from- not as an investigation, nor intellectual reasoning, but rather adjusting (like shifting in your seat-position to “get comfortable” lots of shifts and settling in)

  • in other words, you might find that communication with the Entity without < the calling up > requires a tuning-in process… and your body (phy and or energetic) is tensing up to try and push-through and/or to holding the connection beyond easy (like the furrowed brow-frown of someone trying to continue Concentration beyond their endurance, or statically (Iso-metric) holding of a weight, at first… and then… but eventually all kinds of alignments go as beyond tired (weight heavy or fairly light- grab a book and hold it out arms-length, and then work on breathing and keeping your back relaxed… eventually… I don’t mean that as a recommendation, although it teaches one’s system some things beyond the concept, but rather just as an example.
    So whether it is a sense that the Entity and your natures clash, that calling up requires moving energy in a certain way beyond your ease (int’l skill) so the forcing… concentration, just tuning-in that way… Communication via contact with Entity (ie via Sigil open and then… or call the name and then…) if you have the Div course some ideas in it, if not- however contact as if “via teleconference ie over phone” vs “them walking into your room”.
    Doing that also develops the “energy-muscles” and better the skills to focus in that “way” bit by bit

I hope that adds something- luck