A question, for the facets of Evocation

Greetings everyone,

I have a query that has been weighing on my mind for as long as I have had a hand in this field. This pertains to a certain gap in my personal knowledge or understanding which I seek to plug up in present times.

Specifically, it is that I found that I don’t have an actual problem in establishing communication with or reaching any particular entity I so wish. This may occur at any time, or any place as long as a certain degree of focus is attained on my part and there are no hindrances that are too strong.

A very recent example of this may be a communication I established with Sa’ahtlar described in E.A.'s Book of Azazel that occurred while I was sitting in a train, hoping to rid myself of certain circumstances that would impede my academic advancement. A test, mostly. That was to take place in next hour or two.

The procedure was in short, me sitting there in a train focusing myself while surrounded by other people with mental intonations of the words “Tal Shata Alsh-Tu. Tolu Shatu Lam-Aske” followed by “Alash tad al-ash tal ashtu.”

After which, the image of the Gateway of Pacts or Universal circle occasionally crept into my mind. I followed this through by intoning mentally “Sa’ahtlar of Azazel”. And merely repeated this over what was probably just a few seconds up to a minute or two at best. After which I just ‘knew’ that the right connection to the right being was made when I could properly converse with it in my mind.

Why it was clear that it was not some inner voice (to readers who wonder?), it was distinct enough without being overly outstanding and it referred to me in a manner that I didn’t really think of myself as. Nevertheless, I detailed what I needed Sa’ahtlar and had a short conversation before letting it go off to do whatever it must. My instruction was for circumstances arrayed against me essentially be halted and changed in my favor so that I do the best that I can. (Not ace it, just the very best I can squeeze out of it)

Discounting the fact there can be some confirmation bias, later during the test period which was quite a really relaxed thing. At a point where I was fumbling and my own knowledge was insufficient, two of my peers came up to me and just offered me all the answers for the last section. Even though they were seated quite far away.

Thus it was certain that there was some bearing on the situation which I wanted Sa’ahtlar to influence. There’s more to this, but I’ll just cut it short and get to the point.

Despite ‘results’, the fact is to me… is that I have all my (short) life not performed an evocation ‘ritual’ in any way that is remotely close to what basics are normally used in instruction. This probably made me miss out on quite a fair bit of things, like actually ‘seeing’ things. This is probably why Sa’ahtlar referred to me as Blind One in its mental communication.

Clearly, what I so wish for is to be able to properly allow such entities to materialize before me at least once so I can understand for myself what I can do to make it occur. This is what I hope E.A.'s books may do in just letting me get a hands on in some aspects enough to build my foundation of practice.

Oh and the question for those who have more understanding or adept awareness in the readers, what is it that I am managing to do presently? Is there a term which may be easily used to describe it?

Hello Kokuto, in my other posts I’ve expressed the view that what you described is not evocation, but is a part of the EA evocation process
(as you note the steps, not sure if you have the ebk and/or Omnipotence Course… but on the BALG YouTube channel there are a couple of videos like the “Dixie College” as well as the “what is contained in the Evo Course” video… )
What you wrote about occurs in the lead up to the Manifestation:

both prior to the actual Working (in days before), as well as

in the early part of the Actual Working of evocation, one would connect and contact -part of the Substantial Contact- which involves some adjustment of your Energetic Resonance, but not to the degree of the steps that in other posts (which you may have read, if not the search function in this forum) about Theta state, then Gamma spike arising while in Theta, then Th-G synchs up… which then from inside outward as well as from OutInEnviro inward into you- the Rapture state… (which still isn’t there, there is the Third which I’m sure you know the term for, so many posts about it).

So in short- what you described (and thus it might be what you are “managing to do presently”- might in terms of hard to declare second-hand) many other writers and systems refer to astral/non-physical evo or even “physical evocation that one needs to be in state to view” ie still non-phy, vs phy -may not be clearly visible, but a concrete field of Con that anyone that focuses attention on it… the enviro distorted, etc.
They may not be interpreted as much in Symbols (ie clearly explicit forms- like a thing/person, etc.)… but 'they" reside in a specific place (you can walk around it, and they are there, vs elsewhere- vs seeming as if a Dream-Vision sort of it associated with a spot of Room.

  • as in Divination course, the two exers if done simul- like with “left hand of mind” do the afterlifehypno (more of You elsewhere- into the home Frequency of Energy/Entity you are visiting), while “right hand of mind” do the Teacher in the Chair exer (their essence is into your ‘home-freq’)… sort of if your mind is in both places, a third pt Reveals (so easy to lose that, but able to Contact directly- like one of those RandomDotStereograms)
    [ I use the term “left hand of mind” and right hand…etc. just as a metaphor, like doing something with your left hand and right hand at the same time (the old walk and chew gum at the same time, along with two separate “Computer processes”- each is a separate flat-2d non-alive aspect… but the 2 combine… to Receive into our Mind the taste of the Current (what the Entity and its Power is like in its own terms… vs contorted into our terms) ]

Anyway- so above isn’t necessary, but that makes Substantial Contact (either via a Sigil or Skying- even if sigil is imagined/viz’d vs drawn phy, and even of one is Skrying in the air or in Mind vs through Fire or Mirror/Water…etc these are referred to as Sigil Magick Contact with Entities, one can askInfo/receive/channel as well as askTask/joining/“enchantment” … but a distinction between:
(firstly) contact with a sense of fdbk, vs

(secondly) a contact where you clearly see/interact with/hear responses- (ie both of these can be done ‘anywhere’ and not be noticed by Others… affecting and such)

(thirdly) neither of this first nor second are as distinctly Located in your Phy Place of Working (which thus affects the place/areas around- others feel affect/like an attunement)…

[which I find makes the Room and people around notice “something” but not watch- eerieness and such… bird can react, even later… being touched with a wing on the ear as swooped by crows- not fun] and as well as Wandering Spirits seem to Wander on-scene, as well as LookUpon from Afar -sense being Watched by Entities ~skryed… AttnOn

     [how to explain these differences of this last to the prior, seem have been best by Nate B/Gozer's comments in the EA interview about the Evo Course...]


(fourthly) a greater degree of Structuring/Manifestation … until

a CriticalMass flips and they self sustain their Presence (these last 3 seem to be in degrees as one ‘redefines’ them, the more one advances, it seems lesser or greater than one sensed before- etc.)

I hope that makes sense- I keep thinking I’ll cease postings and let others respond, somehow I thought I would on this one

(that’s my twosense) luck

Clearly, I need to improve in several aspects. Though I can identify which ones, I feel or suspect that several internal hindrances need be removed as well as for me to attain more literal practice at accessing the states of focus required to perform the operations more effectively.

My prior attempts which could be quantified as years back, when I knew even less did produce some form of appreciable physical effect that seemed to affect specific areas, namely around my person. But they were in no way close to the actual notion of what a ‘full’ manifestation would be.

Presently however, I appear to have this preconception that if I were to do all this, I must do so in a way that the environment is not disturbed so random persons won’t notice anything.

I am not sure however, if this thought pattern itself may be some form of restraint that could interfere as I progress to increasing the intensity of my endeavors.

Hello there- interesting questions, different aspects to look all at at once (I wouldn't say those thoughts of your's are correct (and thus holding you back) nor incorrect (as I'd agree with the phrasing you used "do so in a way that the Enviro is not disturbed"  .. 
the light-touch <both the sorcery of Native American systems I've encountered, as well as Taoist "Water Method" (Chou I Ching & Tao Te ching, be water, vs the Imagine and control "fire method" which is 99% of published books seen)..
     -anyway, I see many aspects of training in this subject, analogous to physiologic-nerve/coordination training.... your system doesn't know how to do XYZ, so it tries to do what it knows (something else) or tries to distract/give of the task (disperse the frustration) .. vs being in that awkward unknowing state- and "try"... and your-system adjusts/adapts (Struggle) and may find one's organism alters itself << but can't consciously intend it, its at autonomic level in terms of Energetic level, if that makes sense >>

-I have noticed that areas I touched on in the past are all connecting up- activating and Threading together (rather than 1 or 2 or 3... its 123 and else all in my current MindState, touching on MindStates I was in yrs ago).. just what I was thinking on earlier this evening, so I might be relating to that "Ratcheting in" (which i think you are referencing).     anyway- to the Seeking

I am not fully sure of what you mean in your present post, mostly in the latter part.

But I understand that I first need to rid myself of, or at least turn off my ‘doubt’ which I acquired from an education in Psychology to ensure that one does not take everything at face value. After which, I need to learn how to ease into the state of ‘rapture’ as E.A. words it at will, (maybe slowly at first) and maintain it enough to continue with the rest of the operations. Evidently, I can manage nearly everything else but I suspect why the effects can be weak or non-existent at times is because, never have I managed to fully and consciously immerse myself in the rapture.

I suspect its close to being in trance, but one where the ‘person’ is still conscious and at the front of the helm (I think many would have encountered such an issue before). I have this old notion too, that I should never lose myself in a trance since it would defeat the purpose of whatever I would have to do.

Just another aspect many other writers/subcultures seem to imply magic is just psychological focus/“trance” states (yet really a story), while as EA has emphasized, there is a clear physical component.

I find that my system needs to train up- both to being able to create the Energetic Field (like generating BodyHeat.. to have a higher temperature is something that requires your cells changing- its a unique skill-qual)

as well as not just building up the skill, but also "recovery" after (the rest state- just like running a Marathon, going from a Non-runner to running a Marathon is not just 'hard' to do, its just not possible until your system changes (able to "run long distance")..........
       but even a trained long-dist runner still Recovers-rest (cool-down) after exerting    [and to contrast both a non-runner and a Marathon trained runner both can't shift to running Sprints, or Sprinters to long-distance...]

more so than certain-thoughts or even “trance” -rather than letting-go into loss of focus, an issue is the more the Affect is Physically-Physiologically concrete, that requires Transfiguration,
ie the body adapts over time (like a wire “growing” to be able to carry a higher and higher voltage/amperage without just melting/shorting-out).

at least that’s an aspect (which seems to be most ‘not addressed’ in most circles- yeah that’s weirdly phrased).

When all is said and done, I think I have to find the means for myself to slip into the state of rapture. And then discover what it actually is supposed to be for me. Given E.A. postulates (and various others think so too) that it has physiological aspects to it, I suppose I need to feel it myself to understand how its like. Kind of like feeling how its like being struck in the solar plexus directly, the description is not as vivid as the actual sensation.

I guess this settles what I must do. However, given I am still able to get entities to enact effects (which have yet to be fully repeatable), maybe I can have one or two make it marginally easier. Then again, maybe that is ill-advised for it may defeat the purpose of the exercise altogether.

You mentioned being able to recover from it. Has anyone actually been disturbed during the process of rapture? What actually happens if you are suddenly jolted out of that state? Will you become severely disoriented for a while?

If you’re wanting to be able to see more phenomena maybe try reading the chapter Attaining the Dark Sight from EA’s WoD.I haven’t worked through it yet but it might help.