A question for EA about the spirit ... Ezekiel

I encountered this spirit a few months ago on the night I performed my first invocation of a Shem angel to have one of the latter merge in a ‘perfect possession’ with me. The entire experience was incredible. I believe you know something about him (Ezekiel, not the Shem angel), and I have good reasons to do so, although I obviously won’t go into any details about the encounter in public.

So, can you tell me anything I need to know? What he and I discussed has yet to come to pass, and I have been waiting patiently for this treasure that was first shown to me by King Paimon for some two years now. Paimon has never let me down on any other issue but this one. I am becoming increasingly impatient with this stalling of the spirit world.

Master of Prophecy, and of Reanimation, as well as the creation of spirits through the breath.

Thanks EA. I mean it.