A question before starting my ritual

hi tonight i’m going to do a powerful layered binding spell but before I start I want to say this.

The person I will connect is a friend so I always have a chat and friendship with her, we always talk on Instagram or WhatsApp,I am giving an example, I finished the ritual and went to my house and started talking to the girl on the phone. Will this disrupt the course of the ritual, will it be possible for me to contact her before the spell works? Could it cause the spell to backfire?

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Is talking to her a part of your normal day to day routine? If so, just keep it simple and go about your business.

Try to have some self-control, don’t obsess, don’t start any stupid fights or arguments, don’t try to test her to see if the ritual worked, just be normal. Let the spirits do what they need to do. Don’t play games, don’t do anything you wouldn’t ordinarily do.

Just do the ritual and keep it moving.

You do all that, you’ll be fine.

Good luck


yes talking to her is part of my daily routine.

I don’t want or worry about the results. I’m sure it will happen anyway. I don’t want to test etc.


can you pm me i am new to the forum i don’t know how to do it :slightly_smiling_face: