A Question About Spiritual Marriage

I never thought i’d find laws interesting, but somewhere along ‘school’ I was force to study it, (Law school not dat bad but REALLY not dat great) I Was talkin to some angles, at some point, They’ed proposed something ridiculous, I then made a joke about marriage something like

“Ha! You’ed have to marry Me to do that”

Apparently this was of intrest to the angle.

I Did and do not plain on geting married anytime soon, but this sudden intrest in me by the angle kinda made me trig, And thus struck me the question, WTF?, Why tf?, And Who in the flip raised you, (I waz kinda down tho) But then Story’s of old came to me, The Classic marry em, now kingdoms are friends And ending a war, Then the more honest version marry thus gain ones inheritances.

Count Olaf from Lemony Snicket’s, Hm? or Even HAN’s from frozen. Hm HHMMM

i’m a geek for biology, you don’t gotta get far Before you go (Dopamine and hormones are definitely Not the only factors of Emotion’s) to end up in it’s spiritual side of it.

And Marriage is obviously a form of ritual, That force Two individuals into untold laws and obligations to each other Such As inheritances and even Spiritual inheritances, And i’m not sure how but Aparentally there are ways to force one into this, just like forcing some old friend to incarnate with you.

IDK How but hoping to learn, cuz I’ve been forced into quite a few past live, and pressent life marriages i’d love to rid off, and turn the tables.

Hey I Like the idea of having multipul wife’s I thought, Zuse-(7 Waifu’s), Satan-(Id remember I think all of sitra ara), And Sameal’s-(9 Waifu’s) wife count was pretty inspiring, (like Fuck Gravity) But like Hera Not all of em like that, but Hey we reincarnate and do it over, and again, anyway.

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Ok… Umm. First thing first. I would advice you to research on this subject. Many people have had such experiences in this forum (…even out of this forum) of which you can learn from.

Hope you have an awesome experience. :blush:


Ive entered spiritual marriage with a human spirit, back in december. It was no way done as like a forced thing or law-inspired. We chose to because we had been in a loving relationship for a little over a year (and been with each other in past lives) and we wanted marriage as like a way of showing how truly committed we are to each other in love. Ive reincarnated many times and i believe a lot of us choose to do it or not, so my plan is to be with my spirit husband in the afterlife after i die.

A lot of people do spirit marriages for various reasons. Some purely out of love, others for more “magical business” sort of reasons, etc. Some have just one spouse (like me) or multiple spouses. It just depends. Like @M_NM said, research it, theres a lot of people on BALG alone who talk about their experiences


What exactly was the question in this? o.o

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I simply assumed he wanted to know “why the hell does spirit marriage exist?” :woman_shrugging: lmao


I’m not sure what the question is neither but I’m married to an “angel” if you want to know anything.

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