A question about Lilith!

Hey, guys! Ya gurl Momo here.

So I have read on here before by someone that they had a negative experience with Lilith. I have called out to her when in my childhood and in my teen years. I couldn’t see or hear her but I had a strong feeling that she was present whenever something went down in a relationship or in an aspect of my life. I have spoken to two people who I know in real life and they advised me to not contact her. They claimed that she’s a “bitch” (their words, not mine) and that they don’t like her. I asked why and they said that she caused problems in their lives. I was wondering if there’s a reason for this. I came to my personal conclusion that Lilith was teaching me a lesson and helping me out in these situations where she could’ve been involved in. As for these friends I have, I just assumed that they did something offend her since one of them is pretty brain-less and the other can be rude. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks :cherry_blossom::blush:

P.S. I forgot to mention that I heard that Lilith doesn’t get along with men. I knew a third person who claims that Lilith is ruining her relationship since an ex invoked/evoked her to cause chaos. I am pretty confused by all of this so hearing input from people who know her well would help.

In the end people and specific Immortals don’t mix for many reasons. Similar to how we just might get a bad vibe from a person, or something about someone’s natural behaviors just sets you off for no real reason, etc.

People who think Lilith is a bitch are likely right, because that’s the relationship they have with her. However, just because she can be a bitch, doesn’t mean that it’s ALL she is. Just like how I can be lazy, but I still have a passion, ambition, and drive towards getting things done when I need to.

We all have varying personalities and faces, gods are no different. I’ve met people who think of Hermes as playful, kind, and charismatic — but when I’ve spoken with him he’s always appeared serious, judgemental, and cocky towards me. Kinda like an asshole step brother. There isn’t anything wrong with resonating with certain gods, and having particular relationships with others. We do it all the time in our day to day lives with fellow humans.


I understand. That makes sense.

I’ve not found her to be a bitch to me (male). I’ve interacted with her numerous times, both inside and outside of ritual.

I’ve found that she likes to charm/entice as much as anything else and when I cautiously play along, you can feel the undertone that it’s not just a game. There is frequently a serious undertone to the conversation, however it’s presented. This could just be my interactions with her.

I should also state that I am normally a bit reserved around her, as I know she’s come for a reason or two. I wouldn’t hesitate to call upon her if I felt I needed her help, as my overall interactions have been helpful, positive, and insightful… I definitely respect her.

She is not a bitch, rather loving actually. Treats me like a son, but she can be stern when needed. Not a pushover so…dont fuck with her lol, dont relie on her for everything either, if you dont help yourself, she definitely wont help you.

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