A question about envisioning the future

hello i’am new here

i really curious about it.
is there a way for a person to be able to see a future event for just a 1 or 2 minute ahead ?
if so, is it possible for a person with no occult experience (like me) to learn it?

ps : sorry if there’s a misspelling, english is not my first language

Look into the clair senses. A few deal with knowing about what is to come or what has occurred, without you have a physical way of knowing.

Tarot and oracle cards can also give a pretty detailed outlook on what will come to pass, if everything continues on the course it is, and nothing changes. It can also reveal alternate outcomes, and the best actions to take.

I’m sure there’s a more concise answer, but honestly if you don’t search for it, you won’t know what might be interesting for you to attempt.

I am not even touching on things such as speaking to beings, using tea readings or any of that either so. My advice would be to learn how to use our search function and dive into the divination category.


thank you for the answer mam

Hiya OP! IME, the best way to train this ability is to relax your whole body as much as possible, quiet your mind, and focus on the timeframe in the future you want to observe, and just be mindful. Your intuition will be the first to begin filling in the details of how/what you might be doing at that time, and the more you practice, the more your other Clair-senses will eventually begin to fill in to provide other information. :slight_smile:

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ooohhhh… the Quiet my mind, that will be the hard part for me
but thank you for sharing the knowledge sir

from the moment i wake up my head is always spinning and keep thinking about how i can improve my financial condition… it’s like a monkey that cannot stay still, always jump around here and there :sweat_smile:

well i gonna be honest here.
i’am now have a work, it pay me not well but not bad also
i can keep living with it, to buy food and pay a rent for a room about 3x5m (my place to sleep) the bathroom is outside

but don’t get any wrong ide yet please, for i’am not trying to get me someone to “spoon feed” me for it is a common thing’s here for a person to rent such a place (i lived in indonesia) and it’s not a bad thing.

for the past 5-6 year’s i have been studying about forex market and i dare say i self though my self, i learn from google, youtube, watching many video read pdf here and there.
although i did pick up some good gold nugget pieces of lesson, but i feel that the real knowledge about how to analyse the market is always is hidden away, and to access that is required me or any other person to pay a sum of money to get the lecture material for it and they always say it’s the real deal…

until this year i stumble upon a binary option, which is similar but not the same because in binary we have to predict where the price is gonna go (up or down) within a certain time perion

and it came to wonder me, how wonderfull my life will be in this wonderfull financial market world full of treason if i can just see or somehow know thing’s with 100% certainty that although it just only take me 1 minute further, but i got to do it fast, because clock is ticking, and a 2 or 3 second late can make a big different in that financial market…

anyway, i am so sorry Sir/Mam for this long writing, i just suddenly feel i need to spill out what inside my heart and head, please don’t be mad at me

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No worries! I seem to have that effect on people. :slight_smile:

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Just work on precognition, don’t make it into something extra by adding nonsense. It’s like @Keteriya said practice your clairs because precognition starts there.


Yes, if u are beginer tarot cards, also look for mantras, of oriental background,. Its spirts such goetia nut twy not let see u the future as u tink but such visions or colors or premonition. Will come to you… Its spirts, prays invocations. I have read but most involve demons for same reason., or seals from voodoo mix.

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