A question about affirming spirits

Hello everyone. I have a question in mind. Is it possible to confirm the answers given by the spirit after the conversations with the pendulum or that we are really communicating with the spirit we want? If such a thing is possible what are they?

I found a few methods on the forum, but I still wanted to ask, I’m just a little confused.

Yes, you can use divination to confirm the words of a spirit. However, it is best not to be done by yourself because the divination will likely show what you want to be true, rather than what is actually true.

If you cannot have someone else confirm for you, the second best option is to wait several days after the evocation to ask for confirmation of the information.


So I have to ask the spirit for confirmation and wait a few days?

Based on this information here above @wildweaselmw it seems that the modurator meant. You need to wait a few days after you did the ritual.

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This is not necessarily true for divination, as long as the diviner is skilled, and can keep a clear mind while performing the divination. I’ve done plenty of divination that did not show what I desired, and this with great accuracy.

However, I am a bit uncertain about the Pendulum. I’d say, be cautious regarding it, as it may not be as accurate as other methods. This is just my personal experience, and I have not experimented a great deal with it. It’s best to use it plenty on other things that are verifiable to confirm both the accuracy and your skill with it.


Speaking of verifing data, I bought a 20 siced dice, placed it in a small plastic box and tumbled it around. Picked up my Pendalum and asked if it was between 1-5 6-10 11-16 and 17-20. I got mixed results sometimes 6 of the 20 questions where correct. Other times it was 13 of 20 questions.
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I like the spirit. But I would caution against using divination for things you don’t really have an interest in knowing, or repeating the same question too much (which itself causes one to lose interest).

I, and others, have found that this can lead to divination being inaccurate. It’s very difficult for people to divine the stock market, for example, as they get mixed results on it as divination must be done very frequently. The same should be true of trying to divine any gambling frequently.

I myself have had experience in this. When I started practicing divination, I tried divining the dice rolls on a certain video game, and found mixed results, but when I divined other questions I had infallible accuracy. I’ve also done divination on non-gambling things and more normal life things and experienced the divination also becoming innacurate after I lose my focus and interest.

This has to do with how divination works through our Soul and its relationship with the Soul of the World. The Heavenly cycles rule over our spirit and emotions, and so with this, it is like we are raised to ask a certain question at a particular moment through means such as Tarot or Omens, and because of the wonderful harmony between all things, we are able to divine accurately. So naturally, when we lose that interest, and our questions become vain, so too, do our readings become the same.

However, don’t let this scare you into checking if you’re serious about the question or not. I’ve always loved to do divination for fun. As Christopher Cattan, the 16th Century master of Geomancy says, Geomancy is also an art recreative. So with this, he gives a method to divine what anyone is thinking at any particular time. I find if you want to divine the question, then it is accurate. Just be sure that you do not divine something such as gambling so frequently that you lose interest in it (and, you will see that this is something subtle and happens fast), or especially do not divine the same question twice. Even our traditional texts advise against casting a reading for the same question multiple times, but I find this is fine if you genuinely believe you made a mistake (and don’t be scared that you did if you are new. I find often times, when a reading is repeated for this reason, both readings are in near perfect harmont).


Nineveh Shadarch said in the interview with Adam Nox from Cult of you (youtube)
That Geomancy that is practiced today is not “true” Geomancy. He says that the Djinn told early occultists how to build a machine that will facilitate communication. Nineveh spoke about transistors antennas etc… Do you know anything about that?

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