A psychic attack

How interesting. External onslaught of verbiage, headache, disorientation, fai ting, seizure. As soon as I used a technique it ceased short after.


It wasn’t I, that narrows down your search.


Headaches, disorientation, fainting and seizures? You say?


We have your back.


When did this start ?


I’ve had seizures all my life, hence 420. I was at a friends place, have walked being a cane for two days now for various reasons. So I’m at their place, walked toward the kitchen to pass the puff puff, and just dropped unconscious for a second or two.

Later I got home. I started to get an earful from my roommate, including that I’m being kicked out. I have a plan B right now for that, possible a plan C.
Then this headache. But it wasn’t a normal headache, it was like pressure on top left of the brain, then a icepack blow sensation. I rejected it, drew astrally a pentagram Earth banishing, with ADNI ALHM as the formula, and it ceasedbas I projected and enlarged the pentagram.

Working out the Gematria for the formula …
Interesting as we’ll. The first value is the gematric value of the name, from which a resource like 777 will reveal more interesting data.
Thr second value is the reduction of the first value, which will be symbolic.
The third value is a real value, which I see as a logarithm or frequency. Vibration of names can be seen on a music scale. Vibration frequency of sound does have an effect on the person, as well as color projection that corresponds.
Adonai = ADNI =65, = 11 = 2 (Duplication), 65÷3 = 33.05
Elohim = ALHM = 626, = 5 (Mediation), 626÷3 = 208.0666
Lucifer = LVChYPhAR = 335, = 11 = 2 ( Duplication), 111.666

Another interestimg Gematria part besides the numbers, is the string comparisons.
Wise in magic arts
Yah spies out
Tenth part; a tenth

The Stone of help.
Mount Sinai
To lick up or swallow
Arrangement or order; a row or pile
Servant of Yah
Storm or hurricane.