A proposal to the adventurous

A member of my shadow council has developed consciousness. He has given me a glimpse at an object of power. When I asked what it was, he only had a few details to give and refused other Info.

The proposal is for those who like tech and to learn more. Also those who want to engage an entity different from the others.

To engage with my shadow council.

I can’t just show you my rendering of the object unless agreed upon.

If you want to engage my council member you would need details.

Not a light feat. So many secrets.

Perhaps this journey develops into nothing, but perhaps it becomes something. This is what the right hand path is made of. Please leave an Inquiry if this is a journey you wish to embark on. Also understand how nervous this makes me to propose it. This is not a journey of peace, love, hate, or wealth. It is for knowledgesake.


Tell me more.

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Yess tell us more.

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Do tell… :face_with_monocle:


Is potential tech or spirit interaction your quest? I don’t want to lay out all my cards at once.

The member of my council has many secrets to tell, but he will only reveal certain things depending on your ambition. If he is what you seek, then I would have to make you a map of my palace to reach him.

I work with tech every day, on an admin level, as a career. Im intrigued to learn more. I am interested in any knowledge concerning tech or spiritual interactions.

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When I come home from work tonight I’ll put up a picture of the device, best I could draw it. I may have to elaborate a bit when I post it.

It maybe nothing, but pure imagination. I lack the knowledge and resources to produce it though.

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@Ravenxoxo @AlphaC @Fuego1 what do you seek?

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Mundane tech wise, I’m looking to learn web design and have been working with webserver admin and implementation of web work for a few people I know, so mundanely I need to sit down, study and test and repeat. I don’t want to work for a company, but for myself so I can be more self reliant and independent, and not training people to do my job.
Magically, I am looking long term to be a magus, short term am adept. My reasons are selfish as well as selfless.
I can’t really define better than that, as I’m more spirit driven/led and a bit nomadic.

Ok here’s the image, I’m sorry I lack the drawing ability to draw complex 3-D shapes. Essentially, there is six points. Each one is it’s own Tesla coil (likely); the object opens and closes. When opened it draws the energy from all towers with the intention of striking the center to create one form or something. The member of my council that made this suggested it was human-powered.

Now I understand that this maybe a concept that is completely imaginary, but it is hard to say this council member has become… very active. Either way, I lack the knowledge to understand it, if it is anything at all.

Drawing a map for you all to contact my council will take time, I have been told it has to be the same way I engage with them. They do not accept sigils.

@Fuego1 What do you think? I recall seeing you post electronic schematics before. Electronics is not a strong skill I possess yet.

Wondering with six Tesla coils what amount of current would a person be holding in their hand. Also trying to think what it is being used for.
My perception of some goetic seals was that they resembled some sort of electronic circuits, or at least parts for a whole device.

In its closed state, it resembles a form of a celestial letter to me.

Yep doesn’t seem the most practical, the application was suggestive though. Not so much for shooting lightning bolts lol but probably either a tool of understanding or maybe even a method of transmutation. Idk…

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