A Prayer

I’ve been saying this prayer regularly for about 6 months.
It has really helped me to progress in the occult arts.

Its taken from “The Book of Forbidden Knowledge” by Basil Le Croix

Here are the instructions from the book:

"To get the full benefit from this prayer, you should stand in the nude,
before a mirror. Stand still, breathe deeply and slowly for a few minutes,
and when you feel relaxed gaze at a point between your eyes, then
repeat out loud this prayer:

‘Oh Great Eternal Spirit Force, pervading all this Universe, grant to me
this day light in place of darkness. Let the Great Lords of Flame fill
my being with peace. Let my inner mind be uplifted that I may gain
insight of the teachings of olden days. Let my mind become a vehicle
for the reflection of the super spirit that dwells within me. Free me
this day that no longer must I carry the burdens of sorrow or
weakness. Let the streams of Occult Power flow through me in perfect
rhythm. Let the activities of my lower mind be fully stilled until the
power of the Shining Ones manifests through me and becomes visible in
all realms, both on the Astral Plane and the Physical Plane. Let me
become a Living Temple of Radiant Power. Shield me and protect me this
day, so let it be.’ "

In the nude, specifically? Is there a difference if it is done clothed?

Not really. Some people prefer skyclad (nude), as it feels more natural or pure to them. Some like wearing funny robes with the names of Gods on them.

Thanks Orismen. I think I’m understanding the basics of magick fully, but some things just get around me. This being one of them.

Whether the specific aspects involved are for each user, are up to each- but the question /before a mirror/ is linked to /nude/

<< Is there a difference if it is done clothed? >>

 It seems to me part of the 'difference' is the question (ie if it didn't seem like a diff, it wouldn't be asked/protested)- again I'm not stating it has to be done that way, but if the psych aspects, and energetic reflective aspects...  are felt 'off' that might be part of it...    as it could just as easily be asked:
If there a difference if the prayer is said "out loud" (as directed) vs done silently?

(whispering/subvocalized, vs not spoken… or spoken-conversationally, vs “vibrated” so beloved) it might be just in reading the rite, the parts that leap out as I like that, or I don’t like that, (and those parts ignored-lost- not noticed)… might indicate something

*to be clear: doing something that doesn’t feel right, or something just because ‘mindlessly-following’ is not what I’m endorsing. [just to comment on this more than just pick-a-part of it and decide do-what-you-want. my2cents]