A prayer/calling to purson the king and librarian of the infernal empire

So a few moments ago I called purson as I was instructed I called him by focus and like lucifer said he will give me some insight and reveal some things he gave me an incantation to open the libraries and chamber of infernal knowledge
After the evocation I decided to write a prayer to him

The librarian the king of hell
The representation of insight wisdom and sage
The beast of abyss
The sphinx
Horus he who holds the key to the chamber of the libraries of hell
He makes wise
He who grows wisdom
He who will awake your soul
He who grow your mind and teach how to master it
He who the Mercury
He who the green
The king among the the 8 others of the emperor lucifer
I call thee”


That’s interesting…

Purson’s name has been blinking to me like one of that neon signs for this whole week. Maybe it’s time to call him again.

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Best of luck!

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@Xag_darklight any further progress? I look forward to more information.

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