A powerful Se’irim shapeshifting ritual from Azazel

I just had a very interesting meeting with Azazel.

I had been laying down when I heard his voice enter my mind. Always a deep voice with him.

He came to tell me of something very powerful.

Basically, it is a ritual of physical shapeshifting that is done after you cast a death hex on an enemy.

Beelzebub had given me a very powerful “Finger of Death” hex a few months ago.

The way it works is you say the words “Arut Pun Zet” at your subject while pointing at them. It sets Beelzebub’s servants upon them and results in almost instantaneous death.

However, with Azazel’s ritual you take this hex one step further and draw spiritual “blood” from them to enhance your power to change form.

“Altenda Elmakya Terasendum!

Use these words after you have slain an enemy with Beelzebub’s “Finger of Death” hex (Arut Pun Zet) to take the “blood” of their spirit onto yourself. Once you have done this, your power to assume the physical form (via shapeshifting or metamorphosis) of a Se’irim (infernal and demonic “goat man”) is heightened.

In this form, your strength is unrivaled by man or gun. However, once this transformation has occurred you can seldom change back.

To change into a physical goat man (Se’irim) chant the word “Aratenda”.”

  • Azazel

This is quite a powerful ritual, and Azazel also told me about how once this is done (the shapeshifting) you basically would need to live in the wilderness as a beast. That said, you basically have the physical power to do whatever you want.

He also mentioned that if I did do this ritual, I would not have actually been the first to do so.

This rings a bell about the many sightings of “goatmen” that have occurred across the United States for decades. It’s no coincidence.

  • Rayne

Physical shape-shifting? :laughing:

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What? You don’t believe it’s possible?

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Finger of death hex looks pretty new, can you share info about it

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There’s a science to shapeshifting which I’ve talked about on the forum before, it takes practice because it’s like a muscle and it only requires your mind, I’d check it out

It only requires outer body perception and torus field exercises

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Okay, I’m going to be the one to ask the question. Has anyone tested this out? I would be interested to hear of the result if so