A powerful love rite

Greetings everyone,
I have a great love rite for you.
We will be taking help of Astrate for this rite.
Draw astrate’s sigil on a piece of paper

This is her sigil.
Then in the middle write the girls name, Focus on sigil activate the sigil call on the goddess astrate. Use her enn “Serena Alora Astarte Aken”. Once its done masturbate thinking of her on having the best sex you can have with her feel as if its happening in real and apply the semen on the sigil. After it use a pin and prick your finger and drop blood even a drop or what ever amount comes out after the prick on the finger apply on the sigil. Again ask goddess once again, state your wish again and all after it burn that sigil, burn it completely into ashes and while it burns see your desire coming true and feel it there u go she is your if done properly.

Note: No magick will just do everything if you dont put effort. Your crush wont immediately come to you. Try approaching her, start talking to her daily. If you do so then this rite will be even more effective.

Hope this helps.

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