A powerful arabic talism for love and lust

I tried this spell today and it really works, if you like I will explain the mechanism of this spell.
Pour water into a bowl and put it on the fire (you can use any heat, just need to boil water constantly) Write this spell and text on a piece of paper and put it in the bowl.
A little explanation:
The person on whom the spell is cast must know you (or anyone else for whom the spell is cast).
His heart will burn for you and he will come to you.
When you take the spell out of the water, the effect on the person disappears.

" be charged o servant of these names, and burn the heart of (his/her name) in love and lust of (your name) by honor of these names:

proclaim, he is the One and only allah , now now quickly quickly this hour this hour , god’s blessing in you and on you “

I am an infidel, but use it correctly, the holy names of God is in this


Chakere agha Saman :wave:

When you take the spell out of the water, the effect on the person disappears.

Maybe I misunderstood but… I doubt anyone can leave a bowl of water boiling forever, so the effect would be just a quick thing, right?

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yes ، it’s for a limited time but it’s fast and powerful

Your talisman is great but it is better to write numbers in Arabic number, right ?

It is difficult for them to write Arabic numerals, it does not matter

I tried this out this morning, but unfortunately, I saw no effect. Are results usually immediate?

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Correct me if i’m wrong, this is just so I understand more. But, aren’t the numbers which we use already arabic numbers?


No Arabic is different , the numeral that you know is actually Hindu numerals that is
Arabic numerals


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saman :joy: not shaman

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So, is any word missing or not?


Hi. Would like to know if anyone had success with this please.