A poem for Lucifer

Wrote this poem for lucifer :-

Oh lucifer, the mighty lord, the light bringer, the morning star.

I just met you and it’s so soon, it’s unbelievable it would get this far.

An ultimate protector who protects me from every physical or spiritual harm.

I admire and love you as your presence is so warm. :dizzy:

Your smile, your face ,your appearance the way it charms.
I saw you and in the most beautiful forms.

In times of fear or in times of tears I know you are there for me. To protect me from every harm.

No matter the day, no matter the night. I will praise you no matter the time.
Before I met you, I was confused. During This world in chaos. You brought my life to shine.

I thank you for being there for me as I find you beside me whenever I plead.

Be my side, and protect me forever. With you by my side that’s what I need. :heart::dizzy::star2:

You are the mighty lord and the king. :heart:
Hail lucifer.


Nice! Thanks for sharing!

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liked it. thanks for sharing

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@Manosman @Fallen_Human Thankyou! :dizzy:



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Thankyou. :dizzy::heart:

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