A Plant as an Offering to King Paimon

I went to a plant nursery today with a friend who was getting flowers and fertilizer for a friend. I got a small house plant and I want it to be an offering for King Paimon. I can water it daily as a sort of tribute every day to King Paimon. Is this a good idea? I would have liked to got " his " plant, bindweed, but they did not have it. Instead I got this

How do I make sure that he knows this is his? I was thinking of drawing his sigil and folding it up and putting it at the bottom of the plant pot. My idea so far is to call upon him in ritual and tell him that it is his, is there a better way. Thoughts ?


That’s acrually a really nice idea! Just calling him and telling him that it’s an offering is enough. However, you could ask him if he wants you to do something more.


Thanks! I talked to someone else and they said it was a pitiful offering so I was kind of on the fence about it. I haven’t done it yet. I will though.

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King Paimon enjoys creativity and personal offerings, especially art. A plant is a wonderful idea, and the effort you make in taking care of it can also be a secondary offering, as well as sign of respect, because you are giving of your time and energy to help the plant thrive.

I recommend drawing the seal of the king on the pot, rather than burying it in the soil. Some plants don’t take very well to having things buried near their roots.


Great idea Knight! Thanks. When I get a proper pot I will do that. I just called upon him and offered him the plant and 20 percent of my energy on Tuesday next week. I was talking to an old friend and she said that my previous offerings of 10 percent were stingy. Which I admit they probably aren’t fit for a king. I still haven’t felt much when calling upon him. My astrology chart says I’m bad at summoning, but I’ve asked him to help with my astral/ spiritual ascent so hopefully he can help me with it.

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The critical thing here is how you feel about it: feeling is the secret.
Obviously, you have some reservations about “doing what’s right” so that will have to be managed accordingly. Ultimately, it’s the feeling of relief or satisfaction you get, i.e. coming into balance, that’s the key factor.
There is only Spirit or God in all things, the plant, the sigil and ritual make the difference according to your beliefs. If you must follow the route of correspondences, then just follow them: Paimon (Goetia #9) – V.K. Jehannum

You can build up a your own custom correspondences based on the info there, but remember that consciousness is the only reality. God is all there is and God is not mocked: nothing can buck your individual self-concept. All ritual work is only as goo as the shift in consciousness it allows.

Thank you so much for your input 987ritual! I appreciate it and the link very much so. I do feel more balanced after calling upon him.

Don’t water it every day, most plants don’t need that. Find out what kind it is and what it needs water or lighting wise. Plant lover here, sorry for the not quite on topic advice :sweat_smile: Everything the other contributions have said is correct imo. I wish you good luck :+1:


I made sure to get one that’s hard to kill. Thanks !