A physically-mentally sick kid came back into my dreams after 10 years, and revealed himself as a 'Leviathan-like' creature

So, I just woke up some minutes ago, with this Dream. It was very weird, long and besides of them: very old! I have what kept repeated after XY years. Some of them changes, some of them are not. This one is something from the first ‘camp’. It became longer…

The Dream

It was still as weird as when I first dreamed it, absurd, unusual… but it happened on real places, where I walked before (even as a young child). I have a friend and my little brother on my side, and after a long part of a dream, we suddenly popped up on a place what I knew very well, and in that moment I realyze what will happen.

I’ve noticet that stooping, malformed faced ‘child’ (around age 13-14) figure with black clothes; exactly the same moment and place when it happened 10 years ago. He carried behind him a chariot, and just walked towards us. When I first met with him, I have terrible fear, and woke up before he got me. I don’t wanted to meet him again, at all.

10 years has passed without any sign of him, now he appeared again…

But at this time, the dream became longer…

When he came towards us, I smirked, grabbed his clothes and pushes him into a big pile of laying on the middle of a road. Everyone started laugh at him, then we leaved this mentally sick, creepy boy. I’ve always felt someting terrible negative towards him, so…

I made a joke about him, and suddenly… familiar pictures started appearing before me. Images about him. One of them in a dark forest, with a big, 1000+ years old tree… somewhere he, lurked in the blackened shadows I’ve felt on that picture. And in the other one, I saw a creepy, fish-flower/plant like completely toothy creature floating in the water, with opened mouth:

(Just an illustration)

I’ve just told my friend and brother: That’s he.

The scene has skipped, and the two kid played on the ground on my presence. They was absolutely unsuspecting, when I’ve noticed the boy standing before us on the other side of the ditch. His face was as malformed as before, his eyes was black, his tooth was deformed, and his position was as stooping as before… I’ve told the others that he is here, they are looked on the ditch side but sees nothing.

The boy smiled, then started to roaming. The environment has changed, as he do… he has a black body with almost absolutely no arms (just two little one, like my fingers), and I saw that his body is similar like… mushrooms. But it’s yarns was way bigger, thicker.

He ran in front of me, wanted to attack my brother. He don’t even noticed the creature, and suddenly I have the feeling that at this moment, we are not in the pysical plane anymore, but somewhere else. I saw my arms, I had a darker skin, decorated with lot of gold jewelry. I’ve grabbed the creatures skin with my strong claws and let out a horrifying roar which wasn’t human-like, at all, but I’m sure it was me, came from my anger, it was like “How did you dare, you bastard?”.

(I can even remember his human form’s name: Arany Attila)

This was a point when I woke up now, with very confused thoughts, emotions and another questions.

Why did this dream happened, after 10 years?
What the hell was this creature who started stalking us 10 years ago?
I clearly attacked him in an another dimension, maybe it really came from there?
10 years ago this dream got cut down. Now it continued - what is the reason behind it?
…And why am I possessed with the tought that I want to kill it now?

I’m about to find answers to my questions, but I would appricate if you would share with me yours about this. Not have to answer the questions, you can observe the dream itself as well, feel free.

(And forgive me my poor english, I just woke up some minutes ago, can not sleep back.)


May I ask what’s your opinion about having and raising your own children/kids ?

I’m asking because this dream may reflect a subconscious reaction to this idea. The reason it came 10 years ago because it’s around the age of puberty, now you’re a young woman and getting closer to what you ( consciously or subconsciously ) fear, hate or reject. First appeared with a chariot because that’s the usual symbol for something sent by the divine or destiny, as it appears in many religious scriptures. Now there’s this forest and that plant because now it’s more of a natural thing. Your brother is there because probably what you believe about this matter, is what you think he should also be doing, you have the same fear or worry for him and you believe it’s your duty to protect him using the power that you have now from your spiritual practice.

This is my personal feeling/opinion, I have no idea if it’s right or wrong. Hope it makes sense or at least helps.


I agree with PrinceX. To dream of a person or animal that is deformed represents an aspect of your personality that you feel you can’t change, perhaps your fears with starting a family, relationships, having children.

To have a reoccuring dream of a deformed child represents feelings you had a decade ago that have not gone away with a new or developing area of your life. Feeling unable to change, or lacking the ability in some area of your life that you feel is missing that you want to change but haven’t.


Well this is a bit interesting question to answer, and requires a little longer explaining in two different planes.

First of all, I dont want to raise a new (own) family or children in the physical world, not even having physical contact anyone there (sexually). I want to put my focus on 100% my development and my relationships with Deities.

There are a lack of emotional connection towards anyone and almost anything there, basic things what are a part of people very life, while I can’t feel any interest towards those, and I’m sure I won’t because this is not my bussiness there.

But in the material world I can be a very protective, determined and caring being (no matter that I’m mainly not this kind of Spirit, but a weird mixture of everything), who support and defends Her family and kids if the situation requires it without any fear or question - I was also a babysitter several times, and in every case all of these kids started connecting to me very fast and strong, some of them don’t even wanted to leave me, but their mother.

So I can be a good mother, sister or even the head of a family (I am now, because it got proven that I am the one who take care of this small family, not my mother - I have to protect and guide even her), but this is not my main goal or interest, at all.

Practically, some things what perfectly defines me are missing from my physical life, but still very active in my Spiritual life in other planes. For example:

  • I’m a very sexual and passionate, perverse (and sadistic) being, and I enjoy to charm and playing with hearts, emotions, desires [which is still manifested there in the physical world] (no matter the person’s gender, and I’ve changed in this way when Sitri started “to take care of me” - started using my true potential on everyone without boundaries) but I got no real emotion or desires towards people, do not have or want sex with them, not like with Deities. And why would anyone raise a family and husband/lover without any emotion? Of course this would be a bad idea.

  • I’m ready to build a new family and marry with Deities even momentarily (because I’m about to do it - and doing it from my pure heart, soul), but I would never plan that in the material world for a lack of interest or urge, emotion. Which is also showed that there is something else.

So I don’t want to change in my life’s this part.
Don’t want to child, don’t want to family, or a human partner, at all. Because I don’t feel that these would be missing, I know I have Them in other planes and maybe putting my focus on those can be a little divisive situation, but I was always rather spiritually than physically.


Thank you so much for your answer and explanation. I understand your point of view regarding this matter. My apology that I had to ask such personal question but as you can see it was directly related to your vision.

Appreciated, and wish you all the best in your life.

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