A newbie to demonology and also saying hello :)

Hi there, I’m new on here. I have a few years experience of witchcraft but feel the need to now find out about demons and working with them. In this, I am inexperienced.
I have done some reading on this and thought that I would try to work with Dantalion and Sallos. I drew out the sigil and repeated the corresponding enn, lit candles and incense, made offerings of food and drink and vocalised what I wanted.
I thought that I felt some energy in the room but can’t be sure this wasn’t my imagination. I didn’t get a clear sign of anything. Should I have been doing anything more?
Is this how it’s supposed to be? Do results come quickly etc? How will I know if the demon even heard me or was there?

Many thanks.


Welcome to the forum.

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I use chanting on 100% natural beads and twine/ribbon. You can keep said beads in a 100% all natural drawstring bag, because such a bag is traditional. Chanting/calling definitely helps big time in letting the chosen spirit know you’re around. You sort out your own number sequence of lhp chanting beads.

Hope that helps.




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