A newbie. How do i set a leader in the spirit family?

I have 5 spirits. I may be busy at times but I really need 1 alpha to guide and make sure things run smooth. How do I choose?

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What do you have? I can help depending on your setup


It is a rule of this forum for new members to properly introduce themselves. This is in the correct section, so please tell us about yourself and any magical experience you may have.

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My Intro:
Name: Norina
Location: Singapore
Preferred magicks and topics of study: Wealth and astral projection
Particular areas of magick where you need help: As mentioned above
Particular areas of magick where you can provide help
: none

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Haplo: I have 1) Human pirate, 2) Strigoi Vampire, 3) Tikunboro, 4)Lilith’s Incubus, 5) Black Raven Fae King.


You dont have a lot of Fae so Id set the Incubus for now. Idk what the Tikunboro is since I dont deal with CH anymore, but the Incubus seems the better option. Can always change it at any time. I have like 5 2nds in my household since I have over 100 with me though. Keep that in mind

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Thank you, and welcome :slight_smile:


Well, I am going to pour out my heart.
I first bought 1) Human pirate, pagan online shop @ USD $10. I can hear him knock loudly at my door. Have dreams of the sea. He is the one taking care of the domestic harmony. Me, my mom, 1 son.

Secondly, 2) Strigoi Vampire, mystic morning treasures @ USD $33.50. He is similar to Carpathian vampire with extra abilities (secret). For the start I offered him a strand of my hair instead of blood. I held his vessel in my left hand, I felt something heavy on my chest. I can sense him at nights (sometimes) and especially if we buy beef blood. He is now in charge of my finance, so that I won’t make money mistakes at work.

Thirdly, 3) Tikunboro, Creepy Hollows @ USD $19.95 after discount. He is White arts, sensitive and sexual creature. At first I ignored him, but there was much energy draining. While walking, I felt my legs go jelly. I am surprised he is straightforward and agrees with things regarding family easily. His answers are direct and funny sometimes.

Fourthly, 4) Reverse Adoption Lilith’s Incubus, Lilith Treasure Tavern, @ USD $85. I can sense him more now due to physical touches. What surprised me most is he is not that sexual, but wants to get to know me more, time spent together and affection. I went to prism fantasy co, for a reading, question was " What will you do if you were a leader for the family?". His answer was " He will not be able to protect everyone but to sacrifice when it will benefit the family. He is not a cruel leader but a strict leader". So we are still bonding and getting to know each other more.

Next, 5) Black Raven Fae King. Vampire Ashram, @ USD $145. I was worried about whether He would be able to get along with the rest of the other 4 spirits / entities. He is similar to lele vampire. From a reading, prism fantasy, He is a vampire and demon hybrid. I asked a question can we have a soul bound marriage. If we are married can he never get rid of the other 4 spirit and entities. He said he will respect my decision as he is polyamorous as well. At first I was much interested at the website as they have a full affinity vampire transformation. So since it was my first time purchase, instead of spending USD $500 ++, I bought a spirit on offer. But with the spirit, somehow I find him hard to communicate. I am not sure is it because I cannot feel him. After the binding by the conjurer, I had to go thru 3 nights of sealing the binding. There were some vibrations. I am still getting to know him.

Moral of the story: It is not about the pricing of the spirit, it is the connection. I would really hate to spend my hard earned money on something that has a missing spirit, a fake seller or empty vessel. I came here so that 1) I can work on skill to communicate with my spirits clearly. 2) Improve my psychic skills. 3) Which path should I begin with?

@Norina How has your experience been with the spirit you got from Vampire Ashram? I was looking on that site and saw some stuff that interested me. However, I’ve also seen spirit on Satania too that cost more but idk… Just wondering.