A new stage. Decisions decisions

So I’ve recently had an experience that has me feeling like I’m coming to an opportunity to move on to the next stage in getting over past traumas. While it’s not a new relationship, it feels like sexuality is involved; as if a sexual experience will bring about healing. I feel less down on myself and less angry, but I’m trying to define the next step. I’m trying to decide if this sexual experience will actually rejuvenate my spirit and bring out my inner strength, or if I should focus bringing out that inner strength first then search for that sexual experience. What do you think?

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First of all, what do you feel about this. Not think but feel.

What you fell about a situation is something that cannot be faked, thinking can. You can always come up with a reason why you should or not should do. But feeling is something that comes from the core. If you feel this is something you must do, do it. When it comes to personal development you must be in touch with yourself


For the longest time sexuality has been on my mind. Not sex, but sexuality as some sort of divine mystery. I wanted to explore its spiritual side. However due to past events, I felt as if I was not allowed to express or explore my sexuality, partially because of the whole “Respecting Women” sort of thing. However, I felt like I wasn’t respected and so I became angry and frustrated, and blamed “Gender standards” and chivalry. And yet, my attraction to the sacredness of sexuality continued in spite of it. Instead of embracing it as I should’ve, I decided to use my writing as a means of exploring and expressing this struggle with it. I created two main characters who’s relationship starts off as a rivalry.

First is Dante, my own personification; a former underdog with a fierce combative nature.

Second is Serenity, who is my personification of Sexuality’s feminine nature. Picture a combination of the Dark Magician Girl and Arianna Grande.

I believe that if something is on your mind alot, its calling to you, even when you resist. I simply had an experience where I not only feel free to want sex, but to feel proud of it.

You might be interested in Jason Miller’s book, “Sex, Sorcery, and Spirit.” It looks at sacred sexuality from an Eastern perspective. I found it to be a pretty good book.

I’m currently reading “Sexual Sorcery,” by Jason Nwecomb, which is a more Western take on sex magick.

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Looking at’m both. But for now, I just want to learn how to use magick to attract a partner.

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