A New Person, Another Hello

So I figured with my last introduction I was truly confused and didn’t know where to start. Ive kept myself under a rock all year and did things I left in the past that made me loose my inner self. Well with being introduce into this site and educating myself and coming along all these wonderful posts, I did have to self heal first and put my head back on my shoulders so I can start this journey.

I have gotten into learning charka, meditation and crystals. I do want to use these more into evocations and as tools and anyone is willing to share I’m all about it
with my experiences and learning
-my senses are higher and more positive.(a post will be out soon)
- a glow around me.
-I no longer continue to be angry or easily annoyed unless it my relationship but that’s love :heart:
-Work has been better cause I did do that freeze spell with the name(I’m sorry I didn’t give credit but I forgot the name of spell )
-my relationship has gone into a something better
-feeling more confidence and beauty (I had an accident where I had a swollen face I gotten beaten badly,unrecognizable. 5 days later I’m healed with light bruising thanks to rose quartz bar soap all natural and self love with the rays of the sun I visualize as I showered.

Working withMagic, demons, and high energy have been such success!

I do have my significant other who is LHP and still in the beginning stages. (So amazing on what we came across) I have done 3 evocations with him. We’ve worked with Lucifer, King Paimon, and Marbas. I also took notes on a ritual we did and had my own thing going on as he did his. We incorporated all that in one. (Lucifer, Marbas, King Paimon, Lord Veesch, and Bune.

So hello again as a New Person. Angelique


You mentioned getting beaten up, so I just want to let you know that if you are in an unsafe situation please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or anyone else here. I just want to throw that out there as a precaution, and I am not trying to make assumptions – just making sure that you are okay!

Congratulations on your growth and successes. Welcome back.


Hi Angelique, I’m sensing such positive and healing energy from your post. It’s good things are turning around for you. I hope you find what you’re looking for here. :bouquet:

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Hi there, welcome back for a third time, sounds like things are going better for you now :slight_smile:


Third is a charm hehe
I felt like those weren’t really me, thank you for the understanding. :heart:


I’m glad things are going well for you! While it may be true that you are a different person now I don’t know if I believe that tbe old you wasn’t you. I feel like there’s always something to learn and the old you probably has something to teach.

While you are certainly better than yesterday I believe it is important to love and accept the old you as well😃.

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Honestly this has spoken to me in so many levels

“Always make something out of the situation”

I would tell people you can have the worse past but it’s always how you make of it!

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